Home Renovation Storage

Are you renovating or upgrading to a new home or business location? Here, at Fort Knox Storage, we understand that renovating or upgrading to a new home of office can be a stressful situation. There is always a lot of valuables, equipment and furniture that need to be moved around and stored. Rather than trying to cram everything back into the existing space why not de-clutter, and better utilise the space you have, by using Fort Knox Storage.
Fort Knox Storage is happy to assist customers who are looking for a safe and secure location to store valuables while they are renovating their existing home, or looking to upgrade. This type of self storage service is available for personal, business and commercial use, including: Renovating your home, Renovating your office, Renovating your store, Upgrading to a new home, Upgrading to a new business location, Decluttering your existing space, Moving, or just generally better organising you space.
When you have done the furniture shuffle and know exactly what items you need to find storage for, you can determine more accurate space and size requirements for your individual/personal, or business storage needs, by using our handy estimation tool.

Find my nearest Fort Knox

Using our find a facility feature will make it easy for you to find your closest Fort Knox Self Storage facility.

If you are rennovating or upgrading

we have the right storage solution for you

Our Caretakers

Our Caretakers live on the premises and keep the complex clean and tidy. All compartments are sprayed with pesticides prior to occupation. This service is free.

Storing is simple

After arranging for your storage compartment with our Managers, you can move in any way you like: trailer, hire-truck, ute or removalist.

1 Week Minimum

Minimum storage period is one week. You pay only for the number of weeks and days that you store, provided we are given 7 days notice to vacate.