Moving Overseas Checklist: Self Storage Redcliffe

04 February 2019

Few events will test your organisation abilities like moving overseas. Whether itís for work, adventure, or a combination of the two, an international move is usually either extremely exciting or extremely stressful, and this will depend entirely on your preparation. Consider putting your belongings in Self Storage Redcliffe and ask yourself these important questions:


Do you know, for certain, how long youíre going to be overseas?

It can be very tempting for a six-month contract to develop into a two-year contract. There is definitely nothing wrong with that Ė in fact, itís great Ė you just need to make sure you have plans in place to prepare for unexpected extensions.

Moving Overseas Checklist: Self Storage Redcliffe | Fort Knox Storage

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Do you plan to return?

Perhaps this move overseas is permanent, in which case your packing will be both easier and much more difficult. You wonít have to put as many things in Self Storage Redcliffe, as long as youíre willing to part with them (for potentially a lot less money than you were hoping).


Are there immigration or emigration requirements to address?

Everyone has that friend who arrived at the border of their intended new home country or holiday destination to be immediately turned back because they forgot to organise a visa or forgot certain documentation as a result of poor planning. Donít be that friend. And donít forget to check your passportís expiry date.


Moving Overseas Checklist: Self Storage Redcliffe | Fort Knox Storage

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What are the basic moving requirements at home, and have you done them?

Something as simple as redirecting or holding mail is easily forgotten. Is your canine companion ready for time in quarantine, or are they enjoying a long-term home-stay with your family? If you feel like youíve missed something, chat with your local post office, as they often have very helpful information about moving, which can be applied to many situations. Donít forget to think about your belongings that wonít be making it overseas. To really cut ties and enjoy the freedom of the open road, you can sell the belongings that wonít be travelling with you. This will give you a bit of extra cash and frees up your obligations at home.

If you plan to return and canít bear the thought of parting with your favourite armchair or book collection, hiring a Self Storage Redcliffe unit can be a cheap, secure way of keeping your things for your return. Fort Knox have a huge variety of unit sizes depending on your needs. Whatís great about this is you have the option of leaving a trusted friend with a key, just in case there is something you need later down the track. Just make sure, if youíre going to send your friend in there, that youíve packed the unit neatly, with easily accessible items.


Your pre-departure notification List:

Magazine subscriptions, work or union-related mail-outs, and charity mail Ė these are the easiest thing to forget about, as they arenít delivered too often and they arenít a priority when organising a move. There is also nothing more frustrating for new tenants than receiving weekly charity donation reminders addressed to the previous tenant.
Gas, Electricity, Telecommunication and Insurance companies Ė donít leave without paying your final bills!

Before you embark on your big adventure contact Self Storage Redcliffe fro Fort Knox Storage to see how they can help you prepare for your big move.

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