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Business Storage Loganholme

Here at Fort Knox Storage Loganholme business storage is our speciality. If you are a from a professional firm, trades or service business, start up or distribution business, Fort Knox Storage Loganholme are here to help simplify your warehousing, storage or supplies handling.

What's your business?

 Trades & Service Businesses Storage

Need storage for your tools, parts stock and supplies? At Fort Knox Storage Loganholme we love working with painters, plumbers, builders and other tradies. We have a range of extra services that we are only happy to offer to assist your business. We know that security of your business property is important.

 Storage for Account Managers

Has the inventory of your demo or emergency stock outgrown your garage or spare room in the house? You are sure to find it better to have your supplies in a storage unit or storage shed at Fort Knox Storage Loganholme. When it comes to storage for business we are always looking for ways to help you more.

 Archiving Storage For Business and Legal

Archives piling up in a spare office or crowding the store room? We know that a busy or growing legal firm, accounting practise or real estate agency can have pains for space. It's particularly important for growing businesses. Create more space for your business and put unwanted items in storage in Loganholme

 Startups and Entrepreneur Storage

Are your business growth plans coming to fruition? Fort Knox Storage Loganholme works with scores of new business people across Queensland and we love nothing more than to help the budding business grow. No matter if you are taking in stock of product from overseas or need storage for your mass production run, Fort Knox Storage Loganholme can accomodate you with 1 or more storage units.

Fort Knox Storage Loganholme

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What clients say about Fort Knox Storage Loganholme

Carol was very helpful and friendly. The place is clean, centrally located and reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend Fort Knox Loganholme.

Roger Mancuso
07 May 2021
Can't say enough about Fort Knox Loganholme, their service is pleasant, helpful and reliable giving me peace of mind for my goods in storage, with all the facilities needed.
   Fort Knox Storage reply logo Fort Knox Storage response: Thankyou:)

Carol L
26 Mar 2021
We found Fort Knox Loganholme to be very professional in all aspects of our business with them, they were excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering using a safe and secure storage facility for either short or long term periods.
   Fort Knox Storage reply logo Fort Knox Storage response: Thankyou:)

Graham Coleman
19 Mar 2021

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