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Here we answer some of the most common questions clients have about storage.
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Are storage units safe?

At Fort Knox Storage you can rest assured that your goods and belongings are as safe and secure as possible. Installed at each facility are  state-of-the-art security systems for extra protection.

Contact your local Fort Knox Storage Manager near Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for more clarification on security protocols.

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How should I store my workout equipment?

Workout equipment in storage should be clean and fully dry to maintain its optimum performance. Where possible, the machines and equipment should be disassembled prior to storage. Any loose equipment should also be stored in a sealed contai ...Read full FAQ

Do storage units have electrical outlets in them?

No. The Fort Knox Storage units are not equipped with electrical outlets. If you need temporary power, the experienced Fort Knox Storage Managers are on hand to help where possible.

Call your local Brisbane Fort Knox Storage today for a ...Read full FAQ

Should you cover furniture in storage?

Yes. To prolong the life of your furniture it is always a good idea to cover it where possible. Using items like old sheets, blankets, or drop cloths to cover the furniture will help to protect them from particles such as dust.

There is ...Read full FAQ

How do I protect my stuff in storage?

There are a number of precautionary measures you can take to ensure the longevity of your items. The Fort Knox Storage website has a Packing Tips page that customers find useful for advice on storing items such as furniture, appliances and  ...Read full FAQ

Are storage units safe?

At Fort Knox Storage you can rest assured that your goods and belongings are as safe and secure as possible. Installed at each facility are  state-of-the-art security systems for extra protection.

Contact your local Fort Knox Storage Ma ...Read full FAQ

Do storage units have cameras?

There are CCTV cameras throughout the Fort Knox Storage facilities. With state-of-the-art security systems in place, customers can be rest assured that all their goods and belongings are as safe and secure as possible in storage.

Call y ...Read full FAQ

Can you run a business from a storage unit?

Yes, at Fort Knox Storage there are a variety of businesses that use the self storage facility. Instead of cluttering their cars ,homes and retail spaces, these businesses use the self storage units to store stock, parts, archives and other ...Read full FAQ

Is it OK to stack tires for storage?

No. Tyres on their own are not permitted in storage.

Call your nearest Fort Knox Storage today for any questions you might have on vehicle storage near Brisbane.

How long can you store your car?

Cars and other motor vehicles can be stored for as long as required. Whether it is for a couple of weeks or couple of months, the length of time stored, is at the customers discretion.

There are a couple of precautionary measures custom ...Read full FAQ

What do you put under your tires when storing your car?

Whilst your vehicle is stored at Fort Knox Storage, tyres should be chocked with the handbrake off. It is also recommended a drip tray or thick cardboard be placed under the engine to absorb any possible oil drips or leaks.

For more inf ...Read full FAQ

How do I prepare my car for long term storage?

Just like any motor vehicle there are a few extra steps that you can take to ensure the condition of it in storage. Fuel is a flammable substance therefore prior to storage, it is required that fuel be emptied and only a minimal amount be l ...Read full FAQ

Can I store a car in a self storage unit?

Yes, cars and other vehicles such as boats and motorcycles can be stored at Fort Knox Storage. Using the self storage facility is ideal because it is secure and out of the weather. To ensure your vehicle is well kept, car covers are recomme ...Read full FAQ

Can storage units increase rent?

Yes, the industry has periodic increases just like any other business. At Fort Knox Storage pricing is competitive and for customers who choose to prepay their storage 3 months, 6 months or 12 months in advance there are discounted rates th ...Read full FAQ

Will clothes get ruined in a storage unit?

To ensure your clothes remain in the same condition as you store them, there are some precautionary measures you can take to safeguard the items. At Fort Knox Storage it is recommended that you freshly launder the items of clothing prior to ...Read full FAQ

How much does it cost to store a house full of furniture?

An average house in suburbia is 3 bedrooms and would suit a 4x3 metre unit at Fort Knox Storage. This size self storage unit would fit all the furnishings from bedroom suites, couches, white goods and a dining table. The Fort Knox Storage u ...Read full FAQ

How much is the cheapest storage unit?

The cheapest storage unit can be different at each Fort Knox Storage facility. The costs are different at each location because of the design of each facility and subsequent unit sizes. Size, accessibility and duration of stay are also key  ...Read full FAQ

How much does a small storage shed cost?

The cost of a small storage shed can vary at Fort Knox Storage. The pricing is dependent on several factors including, location and the duration of stay.
The Fort Knox Storage pricing is competitive and for a customer who chooses to prepa ...Read full FAQ

Can you store a motorcycle in a storage unit?

Yes, you can store a motorcycle in a storage unit at Fort Knox Storage. The self storage units are clean, dry and secure making it an ideal place to store most things including motor vehicles. Just like any other vehicle in storage it is al ...Read full FAQ

What size storage do I need for a 1-bedroom apartment?

The contents of a one-bedroom apartment or Studio would comfortably fit into a 2 metres x 1 1/2 metres storage unit. The self storage unit would fit the standard apartment furniture essentials such as, bed, couch, entertainment unit and boo ...Read full FAQ

What does a 10x10 storage unit cost?

A 10m x 10m self storage space can vary in costs depending on where it is located and accessibility in the Fort Knox Storage facility. Although usually used for Office storage or Commercial storage, a 10m x 10m storage space can also store  ...Read full FAQ

What is the monthly cost of a storage unit?

Storage Units at Fort Knox Storage will always be per Calendar Month to make it cheaper for the customer. The monthly cost for a self storage unit depends on a few things including the unit size, the location of the Fort Knox Storage facili ...Read full FAQ

How do I rent a storage unit at Fort Knox Storage?

Renting a self storage unit is easy at Fort Knox Storage. You can call or visit your closest Fort Knox Storage facility or alternatively you can use the online enquiry form for a quick response on pricing and availability.
When you are re ...Read full FAQ

Are storage units worth it?

Storage units are worth it, when you have no space.
The costs associated with upgrading to a larger space far outweigh the cost for a storage unit. Whether moving or selling a property, a storage unit comes in handy when there is any kind ...Read full FAQ

Is self storage expensive?

Self storage pricing can vary depending on several factors. The size of the self storage unit for example, to the length of stay. Pricing can vary for each storage size option, from a 3m2 unit to a much larger 27m2.
Each self storage loca ...Read full FAQ

What should you not store in a storage unit?

Storage units at Fort Knox Storage can be used to store almost anything from items of clothing, lounges, white goods, sporting equipment and office supplies. However, there are some things that you cannot store in a storage unit. Such as ha ...Read full FAQ

What size storage do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

A 4x3 metre unit would fit the contents of a 3 bedroom house. Furnishings such as a bedroom set, couch, white goods and dining table would fit comfortably. The Fort Knox Storage units are calculated not just on floor space but cubic space.  ...Read full FAQ

Does furniture need to be stored in climate control?

No, as storage units are mostly a static temperature and dry. The storage units have built-in airflow openings between the wall and roof to help regulate the temperature.
If you are after a storage unit near Brisbane, that requires specif ...Read full FAQ

How much does it cost to store at Fort Knox Storage?

Fort Knox Storage pricing varies depending on several factors. The main considerations are location, size of self storage required, the duration of stay and unit attributes.

At Fort Knox Storage, pricing is competitive and we offer disc ...Read full FAQ

Can you put electronics in storage?

Yes! you can put all types of electronics into storage; from toys, equipment, white good appliances and TV's. There are some things you should consider undertaking before you store your electronics in a storage unit.
All electronics shoul ...Read full FAQ

What is the best way to store furniture?

There are a number of ways that you should prepare your items for storage, to ensure they remain in good condition. As a rule of thumb, furniture should be covered with the appropriate plastics and no heavy items should be put on lounge sui ...Read full FAQ

Is storing a TV upside down bad?

Yes, it is damaging for a TV to be stored upside down. A TV is designed so that weight is evenly spread when they are upright. Laying a TV on its side, upside down or placing anything on top of it increases its risk of damage. It can lead t ...Read full FAQ

How do you keep furniture from moulding in storage?

When moving your furniture into storage it's a good idea to take a few extra steps to ensure your furniture is as good as you left it. An easy way to protect your furniture from things such as dust, moisture and mould is to cover or wrap yo ...Read full FAQ

Can you hang out in your storage unit?

You cannot hang out for long periods of time or live in a Fort Knox Storage unit. You are able to access your storage unit at your convenience as often as you desire (subject to facility hours) to do stock or furniture adjustments.
To ens ...Read full FAQ

What size storage do I need for a 2-bedroom apartment?

A 3x2 metre storage unit at Fort Knox Storage will comfortably fit the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment. It would fit your basic apartment furniture necessities such as a couch, bedroom suite and entertainment unit.
On the plus side, at  ...Read full FAQ

How much does self storage cost in Brisbane?

The pricing for storage in Brisbane can vary depending on several factors including, the location, size required for storage and length of stay.
You can use the handy Space Calculator located on the Fort Knox Storage website to help deter ...Read full FAQ

What can a 5x10 storage unit hold?

A 5x10 metre storage unit would certainly fit the contents of an 8 bedroom home. Everything from furnishings for multiple lounge rooms, bedrooms and outdoor equipment would fit comfortably in a 5x10 metre storage unit at Fort Knox Storage.  ...Read full FAQ

At Fort Knox Storage, we understand the difficulties of running and operating your business with limited space. We have many customers who have used every last centimetre of space in their office to store and preserve business and company records and documents. Because of our flexible monthly storage options and security storage options, Fort Knox Storage can ensure that your business documents are kept safe whilst still providing you with convenient access to these documents and files to allow smooth operation of your business.
At Fort Knox Storage, we believe in serving our customer's needs. We understand that every customer is different, and as such, requires different storage solutions. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a variety of different storage term options to suit our customer's needs. Fort Knox Storage customers can choose storage options from:
  • Prepay 3 months get 2.5% discount
  • Prepay 6 months get 5% discount
  • Prepay 12 months get 10% discount
When storing with Fort Knox Storage, in one of our secure self storage units, you can determine more accurately the space, and size requirements for your individual storage needs, by using our handy estimation tool.
Fort Knox Storage has no minimum period of stay.
At Fort Knox Storage, we are committed to you, as our client, and to working within your budget to ensure that you receive the best possible storage solution pricing in town. As a proud and reputable storage provider, we guarantee our prices are comparable or better than that of competitors. We are honest, upfront and disclose our full storage agreement in public view.
If you are in the process of packing and it all seems overwhelming, and you are not sure where to start, then Fort Knox Storage has developed some simple but effective packing tips to help you get organised and reduce the stress caused by moving a household. I am shopping around, how much is storage right now? Use our simple online move in and reservation system to see online live prices. We know your shopping, so call us if you have any questions. We are here to help. Use the online system 24/7.
Access to your storage unit is at your convenience, and you can come and go as often as you choose, (depending on the hours of access of the individual facility). Fort Knox Storage is proudly Australian owned and run, and operates 25 convenient We provide an exclusive PIN code for use while you are with us. locations across Queensland, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Toowoomba, Rockhampton and Gladstone, for all of your business and personal self storage, boxes and packaging needs.
At Fort Knox Storage, we stand by our affordable pricing, flexible storage terms, If there is a need to move out urgently simply contact your Fort Knox Storage Site Manager so as a refund may be able to be applied.
Only storers with a PIN number can enter our facilities. When you have loaded and secured your unit, you will need a Fort Knox storage customers enjoy a unique PIN code for access to their Storage Unit. Additionally most Fort Knox Storage Sites have a caretaker living on site to give you confidence that your goods are as safe as they can be.
Unlike most general storage companies, at Fort Knox Self Storage we can provide both long and short term storage options if required. On application, we can provide month to month storage options to suit your needs. So contact us now to make an enquiry.
At least 7 Days notice needs to be given if you planning on moving out. Let our staff know as easily as possible of when you are planning on moving out. Your rental charges will be prorated for the date of you move out and a refund will be available for any prepaid rent. If a discount plan has been applied to your rent, the amount returned may vary dependent on the discount.

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