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Local Builders are Storing Equipment and Materials at Fort Knox Storage Gladstone

07 Apr 2020

In the business of building, you probably often find yourself laden with tools and materials of all sorts. Without a secure place to store essential items, you may be forced to ferry around or haphazardly stash everything from plans to power tools to hulking raw materials. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the clutter, or simply needing to reorganize things, Fort Knox Storage Gladstone is your solution!

Fort Knox Storage Gladstone is the ideal secure storage space for builders keen to work in the cool hours of the morning or evening. The self storage units are accessible from as early as 5am through to 9pm, seven days a week, giving you freedom to pick up what you need in the morning and return it at night as you please. The units are protected by a number of state-of-the-art security systems, keeping your stored items safe and sound.  The units are also pre-cleaned, so you needn't worry about your items being tarnished or damaged.

Fort Knox Storage Gladstone offers a wide range of unit sizes. Whether you're after a small unit to house blueprints or perhaps your more expensive tools, or a large unit for a bulk of materials, Fort Knox Storage will help you find the best fit. We also offer secure outdoor storage for vehicles, including trucks. If you find your storage needs changing, Fort Knox Storage's experienced employees will be happy to help accommodate you.

If you're a builder seeking storage space, come to Fort Knox Storage Gladstone! Call (07) 4979 3422 to speak to one of our friendly staff members for more information.

Storage News

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Storing camping equipment at Fort Knox Storage
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Special Memories at Fort Knox Storage Ipswich

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Fort Knox Storage Labrador storing your Memorabilia for future generations

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Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe - An Essential to A Post Flood Disaster Recovery Plan
Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe - An Essential to A Post Flood Disaster Recovery Plan

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Ipswich Furniture Makers Are Using Fort Knox Storage To Free Space In The Workshop

20 Mar 2020

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Health, Hygiene and Coronavirus Covid-19

20 Mar 2020

Our priority is the health and well-being of our staff, clients and community.

All Fort Knox Storage facilities remain open for business  ...

Fort Knox assisting flood victims
Fort Knox Storage Southport working with communities on their Post Flood Disaster Recovery Plans

19 Mar 2020

The thought of losing one's possessions and memorabilia puts a shiver down your spine. Throughout the past months in Australia, we have been ...

Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton Builders
Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton - Builders

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Fort Knox Storage Ashmore is Ideal for Event Hire Companies

17 Mar 2020

For an event hire company, efficient storage is essential.

In the glow of social media, weddings, parties and all manner of events are b ...

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Builders storing their equipment at Fort Knox
Looking after the local Building Trade at Fort Knox Storage Southport

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Wedding & Event Hire at Fort Knox Storage Labrador
Wedding & Event Hire at Fort Knox Storage Labrador

11 Mar 2020

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Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Rockville Is Helping Gardeners Spend More Time Working

06 Mar 2020

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Fort Knox Storage Ashmore - Securing Your Legal Archives

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Property Styling furniture at Fort Knox Storage Wilsonton
Property Styling Furniture at Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton

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Event and Party Hire Kallangur
Fort Knox Storage Kallangur working with Event and Party Hire Businesses

03 Mar 2020

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Fort Knox Storage Ipswich - Working with the Building Community

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Southport Sotrage Plumbing
Southport Plumbers Remove Clutter From Their Work Trucks

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Storing legal documents at Fort Knox Storage Redbank Plains
Storing legal documents at Fort Knox Storage Redbank Plains

26 Feb 2020

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Furniture Storage Redcliffe
Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe Housing Precious and Business Furniture Items

25 Feb 2020

As the generations evolve, it often means the passing down of precious family items, inclusive of antique furniture that has been kept in th ...

Fort Knox Storage Ashmore - The Perfect Home for Event Décor

24 Feb 2020

Here on the Gold Coast, there are events happening all the time. The types of events are varied - weddings, birthdays, fundraisers, etc. Wit ...

Storing Archives at Fort Knox Storage Ipswich
Fort Knox Storage Ipswich Keeping Your Legal Archives Safe and Secure

19 Feb 2020

Legal departments undertake a multitude of diverse projects that can sometimes span over years. Even though we live in a technology-driven w ...

Local Sports Clubs Making Use of Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe

19 Feb 2020

Clubhouses are known for being clean and tidy. Trophies are organised inside spotless glass cases, the grounds are well kept, and people are ...

Garden Maintenance Businesses at Fort Knox Storage Southport
Garden Maintenance Businesses at Fort Knox Storage Southport

19 Feb 2020

A number of houses are outsourcing their work around the house these days, including the yard work. Especially on the Gold Coast around the  ...

Self Storage for Furniture & Décor Specialists at Fort Knox Storage Redbank Plains

19 Feb 2020

Maybe you're just getting started in the furniture business. Maybe you've been at it for years. Or maybe, décor and interiors is more ...

Legal Archives in a Self Storage Gold Coast Facility

12 Feb 2020

When you think of legal archives, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘important'. That word really is quite apt to describe them.

Wha ...

Sports Archives Held at Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba

12 Feb 2020

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Electricians Save Time and Money Storing Equipment with Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton

12 Feb 2020

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Fort Knox Storage Labrador working local businesses
Fort Knox Storage Labrador working with Garden Maintenance Services

12 Feb 2020

Something that you may know by now, after reading any of our Blogs ... is that all Fort Knox Storage facilities are committed to working wit ...

Fort Knox Storage Kallangur Plumbers
Fort Knox Storage Kallangur Plumbers

12 Feb 2020

Know someone who works from their car? Always on the road and their car looks like a bomb exploded inside? If you answered yes, we're here t ...

Sunshine Coast Sporting Event Storage
Sunshine Coast Sporting Event Storage

05 Feb 2020

Ever planned a kid's birthday party and find you're busy scrambling around trying to make sure you have all the decorations, food and suppli ...

Storage for Online Retailers - Fort Knox Storage Caboolture

05 Feb 2020

The number of things you can sell online these days is almost limitless. And the best thing about having an online retail business - you can ...

Car Lovers In Gladstone Maintain Their Timeless Classics

05 Feb 2020

When a car is left abandoned in your backyard, nature works quickly to reclaim it. Rust sets into the steel, grass chips at the paint job, a ...

Gardening & Maintenance Businesses - Working with Fort Knox Storage Ipswich

05 Feb 2020

Drive through any suburb, especially Ipswich and you are going to see home maintenance vans and trucks. The people in them are cleaning up g ...

Plumbers using  Fort Knox Storage Ipswich
Local Plumbing Businesses and Fort Knox Storage Ipswich, working together

05 Feb 2020

Fort Knox Storage Ipswich is committed to working with local businesses. They fully appreciate the effort that goes into sustaining a good a ...

Fort Knox Storage Labrador_Online Retailer
Fort Knox Storage Labrador - Online Businesses

29 Jan 2020

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Fort Knox Storage Burleigh Heads - A Base for Plumbing Stock

29 Jan 2020

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