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Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe - DJ rental gear

Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe taking the growing pain out of a growing business

27 Nov 2019

Over the last couple months Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe are getting an increasing number of enquires for DJ rental storage. From what we can see, Brisbane North Side and Redcliffe must be a musically talented lot, as their storage needs and business enquires are growing in popularity!

One local Redcliffe business that hires DJ rental gear has found tremendous use in storing his equipment at Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe. Simply put, because they had ran out of space at their home and car and needed something more secure and spacious. Lucky for them they don't need to break down any walls at their home just to make their space more habitable, our self storage Redcliffe facility had the space they needed. Storing their hire equipment such as, lighting, amps, mixers and even some instruments.

Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe initially provided this local Redcliffe business with a 3mē space and in a just a few months outgrew that and expanded to a 9x3 storage unit! One of the most useful upsides they found storing their DJ rental gear at Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe is the choice to have 24/7 site access. This made for a well-organised and time efficient event setup and pack down. No matter if their event setup was in the wee hours of the morning or after a party was done and dusted, the ability to have a 24/7 site access simplified business. Requesting the 24/7 access also allows you to retrieve your items even on public holidays like Christmas Day and Australia Day!

This DJ rental gear business even expanded to the Gold Coast and managed to obtain business in the Labrador area! We were able to communicate to our friends at the Fort Knox Storage Labrador their specific needs and make the move as hassle free as possible. No added worry for overhead costs of renting a commercial space, but somewhere where they already knew would provide the security and convenient site access they grew to know and love. Same great pricing and same great service.

Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe can take the growing pain out of a growing business. If your business has outgrown the car or the house and you need your space to be liveable again, Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe can help. Whether it's your DJ rental gear or it's excess inventory from your retail business we have the storage solution for you. Call (07) 3889 3444 to see how we can help. The friendly customer service, flexibility and all round security are just some the reasons why Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe are the first choice for storage units on the Brisbane North Side, including anyone looking for storage Margate or storage Clontarf.

Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe - DJ rental gear

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