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18 Dec 2019

At Fort Knox Storage Coorparoo, our business clients are very important to us. We work with them regularly to make sure their storage needs are met and that they have regular access to their units. Our relationship with some of the local electricians is a prime example of this.

The things they need to store can vary. From cabling to fixtures to the tools of the trade, there are so many things these electricians use. They don't need all of it all the time though. So it doesn't make sense to cart these things around in vans and create unnecessary clutter. That's where Fort Knox Storage Coorparoo comes in.

Our self storage Coorparoo facility can accommodate a wide range of stock. From 3m-squared up to 90, we have many different sized storage units on offer. That means from your toolbox up to your work ute, we have you covered. Fort Knox Storage Coorparoo also employs the latest in security to keep your belongings safe.

Your can access your stuff at our self storage Coorparoo facility when you need to as well. We provide access to the units via a security pin 7 days a week, from 5am to 9pm. Those hours apply to public holidays too. That means if you're called to an emergency job on an ‘off' day, your equipment will be here waiting to go. If there is ever any questions, we also have a front of house team here at Fort Knox Storage Coorparoo. They operate Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm. You'll even find them in here on a Saturday, from 8am to 12noon, ready to help with any enquiries.

For anyone in the electrical trade, organisation of your equipment and stock is a helpful factor in helping your business flow. Affordable and secure storage is a solution to that, and we're the team to help you with that. As the leading suppliers of local storage, we can also help anyone from the surrounding suburbs looking for a storage solution for their business, including storage Seven Hills and storage Greenslopes. Contact us today at Fort Knox Storage Coorparoo on (07) 3392 2322.

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