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Property Styling furniture at Fort Knox Storage Wilsonton

Property Styling Furniture at Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton

04 Mar 2020

Gone are the times of mismatched furniture and 20 different cups you have inherited from family members. In today's modern households you'll find 15 precisely placed pillows of all shapes and sizes displayed on a bed with a throw at the end of the bed gracefully distressed to match. With that said, all that extra furniture décor must go somewhere and that somewhere is at Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton.

The self storage Toowoomba facility has worked with all sorts of customers needing storage for their furniture. From families and renovators through to Interior designers and property styling for display homes. Our customers at Fort Knox Storage Wilsonton are able to store their furniture in an organised manner that is clean and safe from possible environmental hazards.

Whether it's antique cabinets, statement pieces, customized furniture, on trend or unique high-quality furnishings the self storage Toowoomba facility is known for its great service and careful attention when it comes to cleanliness. The self storage units are freshly serviced ready for customers when acquiring a unit.

There are a variety of storage shed sizes available to suit all our customers needs. Ranging upwards from 2m x 1.5m through to 3m x 7m and higher. Whether it's a couple of decorative pillows or custom cabinets and antique pieces we have all the storage space needed for families through to property stylists.

At Fort Knox Storage Wilsonton we understand the importance of protecting ones livelihood, which for many of our customers their storage sheds are exactly that. This is one of the reasons why the self storage Toowoomba facility is a favourite amongst businesses in the local community. Coupled with the first class security systems in place are the extra security feature of individual alarms on each storage unit door.

Whether you're a property styler of your home or others, or looking for a safe place to store your antique pieces and statement furniture look no further than Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton. To see what cost-effective self storage solution we can arrange for you call us on 07) 4634 1188.

Property Styling furniture at Fort Knox Storage Wilsonton

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