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Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton Builders

Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton - Builders

18 Mar 2020

Theft from building sites or from the builders whilst on site are all too common these days. Whether you've heard it from a friend or have seen it on Facebook it's guaranteed to have happened to someone you know or an area you drive past every day. The local community of Toowoomba Wilsonton know this to be true and have found a solution that's not only cost effective but secure, Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton.

Whether it's tools, building materials, timber, electrical items especially white goods/appliances, builders and project managers know the high risk in leaving supplies and equipment onsite exposing themselves to theft and vandalism. The costs and time it takes in replacing damaged or stolen supplies and equipment can be steep. The self storage Toowoomba Facility has worked with the local Toowoomba Wilsonton community for a number of years and understands the importance of security especially when it comes to one's livelihood.

Housing the latest and first-class security system at Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton is part of the reason why we're the first option when it comes to self storage Toowoomba. That coupled with an extra layer of security feature of individual alarms on each storage door gives clients a piece of mind in knowing their supplies, equipment and livelihood is how they left it.

Fort Knox Storage Wilsonton offer storage units and storage sheds in all sorts of sizes. From a small 2m x 1.5m, 3m x 5m to 3m x 7m and even larger! There's a size to suit all our self storage Toowoomba clients needs.

If you're looking for a secure self storage Toowoomba facility that can protect your building supplies and equipment ready for when you need it, look no further than Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton. There are a variety of sizes that are cost effective, call us today on (07) 4634 1188 to find a self storage solution tailored to your needs.

Fort Knox Storage Toowoomba Wilsonton Builders

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