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Self Storage Kallangur

Self Storage Kallangur

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Should be looking for Kallangur storage or have a need for storage sheds near Kallangur, we might be able to help. With locations across Queensland there is a Fort Knox Storage location near you. Fort Knox Storage is a Queensland owned and operated business, so you know you are storing with locals you can trust.

Fort Knox Storage managers are rated number 1 for their customer service. We mean it, when we say that we are here to serve your every storage need, read our great reviews. Is it a Kallangur Self Storage unit or a Kallangur Storage shed you want? Find your nearest storage location. As some storage unit facilities have availability be sure to phone or call in to match your storage needs with one of our units.

Storage Units near Kallangur

Find self storage sheds and self storage units to suit all needs near Kallangur at your nearest Fort Knox Storage. Get in contact today to get a personalised quote on your storage for moving house, going overseas or removing clutter and experience our superior customer service. We are only too happy to serve you with the best service and courtesy.

Kallangur Storage Locations

When you think "where are storage facilities near me"? Think Fort Knox Storage who are Queensland owned and operated and have storage facilities near Kallangur. We make it easy for you to find a convenient location near you with our location finder or from the list of locations presented.

Storage Offering Great Service

You will also find our prices competitive and our willingness to compete on any written quotes for storage from another company. Where we really shine is our customer service ethic. "Storage with service" is what we are about, so read our reviews and get in contact to experience the same. Call us or request your personalised quote today from the list of storage locations.

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Fort Knox Storage Kallangur Reviews

Fort Knox Storage Morningside
Trudy at Morningside made the whole process simple and enjoyable. Only too happy to assist and explain end to end the process. Her interpers... more

03 Mar 2021
Fort Knox Storage Redcliffe
We stored with Fort Knox Clontarf from October 2020 for 4 months & found in that time the staff always Helpful, friendly & facilities secure... more

Lovinfit Noyce
03 Mar 2021
Fort Knox Storage Mansfield
Fort Knox Storage in Mansfield were fantastic. Premises are clean & well maintained and the manager was a excellent to deal with. He was inf... more

Helen Fraser
03 Mar 2021

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are some things I should do to my car before putting it into storage?

There are a few recommendations that should be performed to your motor vehicle prior to storage. Fuel is a flammable substance therefore prior to storage, it is required that fuel be emptied and only a minimal amount be left in the fuel tank. In preparation for storage the car should also be cleaned inside and out, with the tyre pressure pumped up to approximately 30 kpa above their normal pressure. Another precautionary measure for the car whilst in storage, is to have the wheels chocked with the handbrake off.

Call your local Fort Knox Storage Manager today for more expert advice on storage near Kallangur.

Can a self storage unit be used to store a car?

Yes, Fort Knox Storage has the ability to store most motor vehicles from cars, to motorcycles and boats. Using the self storage facility is ideal because it is secure and out of the weather. As an extra precaution a car cover should be used to protect the motor vehicle from dust and other particles and the fuel tank be emptied prior to storage.

Call Fort Knox Storage today for pricing and availability on self storage near Kallangur.

Can storage units increase rent?

Yes, like many other businesses there are periodic increases within the industry. At Fort Knox Storage pricing is competitive and for customers who choose to prepay their storage 3 months, 6 months or 12 months in advance there are discounted rates that they can acquire.

The Storage Manager at Fort Knox Storage near Kallangur is on standby today to help you with all your storage questions.

Will my clothes get damaged in a storage unit?

To make certain that your clothes are as you left them in storage there are some things that you can do to safeguard them. At Fort Knox Storage it is recommended that you freshly launder the items of clothing prior to storing, use tissue paper to separate the clothing, and lastly seal the items in a vacuum bag or another moisture proof container.

Your local Fort Knox Storage Manager is on standby today for all your storage needs near Kallangur.

What will the storage costs be for a house full of furniture?

At Fort Knox Storage a average suburban house consisting of 3 bedrooms would fit into a 4x3 metre unit. This size self storage unit would fit all the furnishings from bedroom suites, couches, white goods and a dining table. The Fort Knox Storage units are conveniently calculated based on the cubic space, meaning you can store your items anywhere from the floor to the ceiling.

For more information on sizing and availability around Kallangur contact your closest Fort Knox Storage today.

How much is the cheapest storage unit?

Each Fort Knox Storage facility has different pricing, therefore the cheapest storage unit can vary. The costs are different at each location because of the design of each facility and subsequent unit sizes. How accessible the storage unit is and the duration of stay are also key factors in determining the storage unit costs.
When working out the cheapest and most suitable storage unit at Fort Knox Storage finding out the size you require is a good place to start. You can do this by using the handy Space Calculator located on the Fort Knox Storage website or by speaking to one of our trained Fort Knox Storage Managers.

For a competitive quote on a storage unit near Kallangur, call Fort Knox Storage today.

How much does it cost for a small storage shed?

A small storage shed at Fort Knox Storage can vary in pricing. The pricing is dependent on several factors including, location and the duration of stay.
At Fort Knox Storage pricing is competitive and a discounted rate may be on offer if storage is prepaid for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance.

Call Fort Knox Storage today for a competitive price on small storage sheds near Kallangur.

Can a motorcycle be stored in a self storage unit?

Yes, it is possible to store a motorcycle in a self storage unit at Fort Knox Storage. The self storage units are clean, dry and secure making it an ideal place to store most things including motor vehicles. It is always a good idea to take some precautionary measures to your motorcycle before placing it into storage. By placing a cover on your motorcycle, you would be protecting it from particles such as dust and it is a requirement that the fuel tank must be emptied.

If you have more questions on storing your motorcycle around Kallangur, make sure to call you nearest Fort Knox Storage today.

What size storage do I need for a 1-bedroom apartment?

A one-bedroom apartment or Studio apartment furnishings would comfortably fit into a storage unit measuring 2 metres x 1 1/2 metres. The self storage unit would fit the standard apartment furniture essentials such as, bed, couch, entertainment unit and bookshelf. At Fort Knox Storage the units are priced on cubic space, so you are not limited to storage just on the floor, but the entire storage space from the ground up.

If you are wanting to know more about pricing and availability on storage units near Kallangur, be sure to contact your closest Fort Knox Storage today.

How much will it cost me for a 10x10 storage unit?

A 10m x 10m storage space at Fort Knox Storage can vary in price according to its location and accessibility. Although usually used for Office storage or Commercial storage, a 10m x 10m storage space can also store the contents of a very big 6 bedroom home plus a car.

Contact your nearest Fort Knox Storage for questions you might have on storage units or the sizes available near Kallangur.

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