Design Ideas for a Pet Friendly House

10 January 2019

For most of us, our pets are members of the family. When we bring a furry, finned or feathered friend into our home, they require attention and a comfortable, safe home. When considering your home, plan for you and your pets. Store unfriendly pet items in Self Storage Ipswich.

Complete an inspection on all-fours

To get a sense of what your pet might need and what could be dangerous elements for him or her, put yourself in your animal’s paws and get down on all-fours. Look for suffocation, choking, strangulation and electrocution hazards. Also, inspect areas that your animal could access by jumping or climbing. Keep your home’s window treatment short and cut any that feature loops. Cover wires and electrical cords.

Don’t leave food or medication where your pet could access them, and move any furniture that your pet could use as a ladder to reach counter tops and tables. Discard the trash in your home every day to prevent your pets from going through it or store it in a cupboard or bin that you can close. If your pet should get into your home’s trash container, he or she could gain access to things that are choke hazards like chicken bones, fruit cores and fruit seeds. Fruit seeds contain natural contaminants that could poison your pet. Raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure while the caffeine in chocolate and coffee grinds are toxic. Use caution when bringing plants into your home. Make sure that they’re safe for animals.

Install a dutch door if you need to block your pet from certain areas. Since this type of door opens separately on the top and the bottom, it will make it easy for you to keep an eye on your pet and keep him or her safe.

cat on table

Decorating recommendations

As a pet owner, it’s a good idea to purchase a home with or install floors that are easy for you to clean. If you don’t have appropriate floors and need o renovate, store your furniture in self storage Ipswich while you complete the makeover. Avoid delicate hardwood floors such as the kind that dent or scratch easily and require immediate attention when spills occur. Instead, opt for stone, ceramic tile or laminate floors. Your pet will appreciate them because they will keep him or her cooler during the hot summer months. You can warm them up with throw rugs in the winter. Regular carpet is another good option.

When buying furniture, avoid the type that has exposed wood. Your new puppy might see it as his or her new favourite chew toy. Stay away from furniture with exposed sisal, wicker or rattan. If you already have some of this style of furniture before getting a pet, you may have to take steps to protect it. For instance, you can send your furry friend to a trainer or store this furniture in self storage in Ipswich until your animal family member has matured. A better choice is to get furniture with metal or chrome. This kind of furniture will dissuade animals from chewing on it and save you from having to replace it.

golden retriever puppy

Giving your pet space

Animals like to sleep in enclosed spaces. To keep your furry friend safe, give him or her a place of their own. Make sure that the space features a cosy bed, water and toys. Keep in mind that dogs will be less likely to get into trouble when they get a lot of exercise. They’ll also sleep better at night instead of whining or barking for attention.

If you have the space, create a pet-friendly zone in your mudroom, one that has a kitty or doggy door that gives your pet access to an animal run, fenced-in yard or corral where they can go play whenever they like.

With kitties, be sure to keep the litter box away from his or her food dish. They also like privacy in the litter box. If your cat doesn’t feel safe using the litter box, he or she won’t, and this is a recipe for accidents. Older animals should have access to a litter box on the ground level, one that he or she can get to without taking stairs. You can set it inside a cute cabinet and install an animal door. Also, consider laying down pee pads, and place a few ramps around so your older animal can reach your bed or sofa if you allow them to be on this type of furniture.

small dog in small house

Food and water

When it comes to food and water, be sure to store food in bins that are made for this purpose. Keep food and water where your pet can access it unless the vet has advised you that your animal should be on a diet. In this case, follow your vet’s advice, but keep water available. Also, consider using a fountain type water dish to keep the water cold and fresh for your pet. For design aesthetics, you can remodel your kitchen to include a food drawer that you can pull in or out. We also recommend dedicating a cupboard for storing your pet’s food and treats.

black and white dog

Decorate with neutral shades

When pets are members of the family, decorate with neutral shades. Pet hair blends in better with neutrals, which will keep your furniture looking nicer for longer. Wall-to-wall carpet in a neutral hue is another décor option that we recommend when you’re a pet owner. Cats and dogs spend most of their time napping, so carpet gives them lots of places to do so. Also, carpet is safe for them because the surface of it is nonslip. The flooring choice absorbs sound and prevents the sound of clicking claws that you would hear on a hard floor.

Self storage Ipswich

Self storage Ipswich is a great option when you’re remodelling your home for you and your furry friend. Rent extra space to store your stuff in until the renovation is complete. Different self storage Ipswich unit sizes are available, and since these facilities have security, you can feel confident storing your important things in them.

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