Having seen the interiors of hundreds of Self Storage units, I know that most people don’t approach their storage experience with a plan. They might set out with a packing strategy, but from what I’ve seen, they certainly don’t stick to it. And, it is no different here at Fort Knox Self Storage Rockhampton. Sure we like to believe that we’ve got a better quality storer here, and we do guide and advise our customers on how to get the most from their Self storage unit, but what starts out as a good idea, often falls at the wayside.

If you speak to James here at Fort Knox Self Storage Rockhampton, he will advise you that whilst you want to only pay for the storage space you need, it does not mean that you should pack the smallest unit to the brim. What if you need something in the box right at the end? It will not only mean that you need to remove everything, but you will also need to pack everything neatly again to fit it in. And this is normally where everything goes south…

At Fort Knox Self Storage Rockhampton, we have a range of storage unit sizes available, and you can pick one that is ideal to your needs, and if you follow our tips, you can keep it clean and accessible, saving you time, and protecting your property in the process.

Some of the tips will be obvious to most, but because we are creatures of habit, and because we tend to find the path of least resistance, we tend to make the same mistakes.

These tips will help you during your storing period at Fort Knox Self Storage Rockhampton, and should improve your experience.

Pack large items first

Depending on how often you need to access and remove the items, it is ideal to place the larger and heavier items in first; mostly because you don’t want to lift and move heavy stuff if you don’t need to, and it is more sensible to place lighter items on top of heavy items, rather than vice versa.

Use all the space

If you’re storing cupboards, drawers or chests, make use of the spaces within, hang clothes inside, place cushions and soft clothing in fridges and washing machines, and benefit from the available space.

Use blankets, towels and duvets

Why fold up all your blankets, towels and duvets when you’re storing your household contents? You can easily save more space by using them to pack and protect your products. Not only do you save space, but they don’t leave marks, and there is no additional expenses.

Fold or Unscrew Furniture

Six dining room chairs take up twice the amount of space if they are intact compared to the same six chairs disassembled. This works well for tables, barbecues and flat pack furniture.

Food is a big no-no

Accidentally storing food in your locker is a bigger problem for you than it is for us, but we don’t allow it here at Fort Knox Self Storage Rockhampton, and you’ll soon find out why. Old food attracts vermin and other pests, it gets mouldy and generally destroys everything around it, mostly your property. The same can really be said for moisture too, so keep everything dry, especially washing machines and fridges.

If you want more advice on how to pack your storage unit, speak to James at Fort Knox Self Storage Rockhampton, he will not only provide excellent service and advice, he will also make sure that you get the right sized storage unit, at the right price.

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