Self Storage in Toowoomba

Fort Knox Toowoomba Locations



Residential / Household Storage

Our Storage Units come in a wide variety of sizes to suit those who wish to store a few odds and ends up to the larger households. The majority of our storage units are of a besser block construction, cement core filled and insulated. These units incorporate a single access door with heavy duty locking mechanism. For peace of mind and ultimate privacy, you keep the keys for your storage unit.

Commercial Storage

Our Storage Units can be utilised for Businesses to store their excess stock or as a pick-up/drop-off point for Staff and Couriers.

Car / Caravan / Boat Storage

The larger units are a durable steel, weatherproofed construction suitable for use for Commercial Stock or the larger household. Many of these units have access doors at opposite ends providing a drive through capability excellent for caravans, campervans, boats and trailer storage. Many of our Block constructed units are also suitable for storing cars and trailers

Records and Information Storage

Purpose-built to the highest quality in Records Archive Storage, we introduce to you our Premier Archive Storage Facility. Boasting the latest in government approved VESDA Fire Detection Systems, to protect your information, our facility is alarmed and monitored 24/7. You can be assured your confidential information, one of your business’ most valuable assets, are safe and secure.

Individual Lock-Up Wine Cellars

At Fort Knox North Toowoomba we provide purpose-built individual wine cellars to suit all wine enthusiasts. Our individually locked cellars ensure peace of mind and privacy for our customers.

Temperature and Humidity

Wine is required to be kept in a stable environment in order to mature to its full potential. Here at Fort Knox North Toowoomba our Wine Cellars are run at an average constant temperature of 14°C and relative humidity levels of 75% to provide the finest conditions for long-term wine storage. Temperature alarms and backup generators have also been installed to ensure your wine is safe from any disruptions.

Movement and Light

We understand that your wine is a very sensitive product and therefore ensure that light is kept to a minimum. Movement and vibrations are avoided with no generators inside the facility. Once you lay your wine in the cellar that is where it stays until you return.


Security is of critical importance and therefore access to our cellars are restricted to Wine Customers only. Our cellars are alarmed, monitored and accessible only by pin number during staff office hours.
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