5 Signs You Need to Move House

10 February 2019

Home is where the heart isÖ but sometimes you need to be able to put roots down in a new place. We all get attached to our house, whether itís a place youíve lived your whole life or just a temporary 6-month lease. Itís where we make memories, forge friendships and take time out from the rest of the world, so itís easy to understand why some people have trouble moving on and letting someone else make the home their own.

So how do you know if itís time for you to move house? Fort Knox Storage Bulimba†has found the top 5 signs you need to move house Ė keep reading to find out more!

You Have to Wait for the BathroomÖ All the Time

One of the most common reasons why people move is because their needs have changed. This might mean your children are growing up and a single bathroom doesnít cut it anymore, or you just need a dishwasher to help out in the kitchen. This might be an opportunity to renovate, but itís also a chance to move on and up.

Your Commute to Work is too Long

Maybe you got a new job thatís just a bit too far away, or your current office is moving location Ė a great majority of employees commute for up to an hour to and from work each day, meaning you end up spending at least 10 hours a week in transit. Thatís over 5200 hours a year! If youíre able, it might be worth considering moving closer to your workplace so you can spend more time doing the important things Ė like spending time with your family.

You Need to Be Closer to Facilities and Family

If youíve got a new baby on the way, your family can be a massive support through the late nights and exhausting days. Or maybe your little one is growing up and youíve got your eye on a particular school? If you can move closer to your family or certain facilities, youíre sure to reap the benefits.

You Donít Have Enough Space

When you and your significant other started living together, a two-bedroom unit may have been plenty of space. But over the years itís likely youíve accumulated lots more stuff Ė and maybe even a baby Ė so it might be time to start looking for a place where you can stretch your legs. Fort Knox Storage Bulimba can help you make temporary space in your home before your move.

You Have Too Much Space

If youíre still living in the big family home even after all of your kids have moved out, it might be time to consider downsizing with the help of Storage Bulimba. Big houses mean more day-to-day work and sometimes can be very lonely, so take off the strain and look for a small unit or townhouse in a tight-knit community Ė but of course, make sure you have a spare room for when the grandkids visit!

If youíre moving house, donít forget to check out the Fort Knox Storage Bulimba†box shop for all of your packing needs!

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