Give Your Living Room a Refresh

11 January 2019

Even if you have a budget, there are several ways to refresh the look of any room in your home. Create a design of what you want each room to look like and the changes that need to be made, such as a new coat of paint. Look at second-hand stores to get furniture and supplies for refreshing your home instead of getting items that are new, and wait for sales at retail and hardware stores so that you don’t pay full price for materials. While you’re refreshing your home, move the furniture that you don’t need or that takes up too much space to a Self Storage Bulimba unit until you’ve finished your work.


An easy way to change the look in your home is to recover your couch and chairs. Find a material that is comfortable to sit on and a colour or pattern that the family will enjoy. For a completely different look, recover your furniture in colours that are the opposite of what you currently have. An example would be going from a dark colour like blue or grey to a lighter colour, such as peach or yellow.

recovered couch

Statement walls

This is a way that you can make a drastic change without spending a lot of money by using some of the decorations you already have at home. Remove the larger pieces of furniture from the room that you don’t need for a short time, taking them to a Self Storage Bulimba unit until you’re finished decorating the wall. Choose a wall that everyone will notice when they enter the room. Hang pictures of your family members and pictures of the things that mean the most to you. Consider wall stickers as well, putting a focal image in the centre of the wall. You could also use a pattern on the wall with the pictures and decorations as added images. Add a few floating shelves as well so that you have more places to put flower vases, picture frames, and decorations that you want people to see.

statement wall

Change the pillows

New pillows on your furniture can create a new look in your home without spending a lot of money. When you change the pillows, you want to get new colours or pillows with a pattern instead of a solid shade. Look at the decorations that are on your walls, matching the colours on the pillows with what you have on the walls and in other areas of the room. Combine pillows that are soft with a few that are textured for a balanced look and feel in each room. While you’re changing your pillows, you can add a rug as well that matches the colours of the pillows and the rest of your furniture.

Scandinavian cushions

A coat of paint

Sometimes, your home might need a fresh coat of paint because it becomes faded or an area becomes chipped. Applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls inside your home can deliver a bright and refreshing appearance, especially if you choose the right colours. Lighter shades can make any room seem larger and more inviting, such as beige or light grey. Avoid using white paint unless you have pictures or decorations to hang on the walls because the room can appear too bright at times. If you want the walls to shine, then use gloss paint. This would be an option to consider for rooms that don’t have a lot of natural light in them. If you want more than one colour on your walls, then consider painting an accent wall one colour and the other three walls a different colour that is lighter. An example would be to paint one wall teal and the other three walls grey, beige, or white. Keep your furniture from getting damaged by taking it to a Self Storage Bulimba unit until you’re done painting. After stored in Self Storage Bulimba, painting yourself will save you the expensive costs associated with hiring a painter.

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