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An overcrowded workspace is an instant distraction for your mind, which immediately lowers your focus and productivity. Often clutter gets out of hand before you even realise it, and before you know it your mind is wandering from work, to a pile of files, to wondering why you need so many pens and why they are sitting in a coffee mug. If that’s you then it is time to read the following tips on how to clear up your workplace and get your productivity back. You’ll probably find you need somewhere to store the items you just aren’t using, for that you need to talk to storage solutions experts, like Fort Knox Storage Burleigh Heads.

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Clean Sweep

Remove everything from your desk. Put it all into a box, just far enough away that you need to stand up to get to it. Now go back to work as normal. If you absolutely need something from the box then go and get it. After a week you should find the box still has almost as much in it as when you started. These excess items should be stored away. If they are personal, and you don’t need them at work, take them home. For work items, gather all the things no one is using, like the twenty blue pens you had on the desk, despite not having any paper, and store them away.

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Over time an office is going to build up excess furniture and equipment. The office got new chairs but didn’t remove the old ones? Maybe you downsized and have empty desks sitting all of the place or somehow ended up with a box full of wireless computer mice. Stop shoving everything into a corner or spare cubicle and put it away in self storage Burleigh Heads. If you aren’t expecting to ever use it again then try selling the equipment rather than having it take up space and cause a distraction.

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Offices become a haven for unused archive documents. You’ll probably never look at them again, but you can’t throw them away either. The debate over having an electronic archive instead of endless rows of folders is an interesting one, but it’s probably best to have both, just to be safe. Depending on the size of your office, you may find your storage system quickly piling up and spreading to desks. This is the bane of focused productivity. Having unneeded files is going to do nothing but tug at the mind. So get them out of the way. Gather the folders up into boxes and put them away for the long term in Self Storage Burleigh Heads. Don’t forget to add some mothballs before the files go into storage.

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