Garden Trends of 2018

11 January 2019

Do you feel the need to spruce up your garden? Maybe you want to change its design, give it a little more colour or add some more interest to the space. Discover some of the most popular garden trends of 2018 from Fort Knox Storage Burleigh Heads.

Outdoor dining

If you love to spend time in your garden, just think how pleasant it would be to set up an outdoor dining area there. Create a small patio out of natural stone and purchase a table and chairs to put on it. Another version of this trend involves putting up a wooden pergola over your outdoor table and chairs. This trend adds elegance to any garden.

outdoor setting

Limestone walkways

Limestone walkways are another garden trend of 2018. Create a walkway that runs between flower beds or around an elaborate fountain you’ve set up. Limestone looks stylish and inviting in any garden especially when you put up some solar path lights along the border. If you want to put limestone walkways in your garden, think about putting your potted plants, statues, outdoor furniture and other garden items into Self Storage Burleigh Heads. This keeps your potted plants, statues and furniture out of the way and secure as the work is being done.

limestone walkway

Tranquil elements

This year’s gardens featured items that added to their tranquil atmosphere. Bubbling fountains, stone benches and garden sculptures were a common sight in many gardens created in 2018. If you want to add statues and a bench or two to your garden think about getting Self Storage Burleigh Heads. You can put your new statues and other items in storage until you’re ready to set them up in your garden.

Water feature in yard

A small fishpond

Putting a small fishpond in the garden was a popular trend lots of people were wild about in 2018. This was especially appealing to homeowners interested in making a more tranquil garden. What could be more tranquil than a fishpond with an assortment of colourful fish swimming around and frogs sitting on lily pads? Putting in even a small fishpond requires some equipment and supplies. In order to make space for that equipment you may need to move your lawnmower, rakes, shovels, spades and more to another area. Think about Self Storage Burleigh Heads if you need a safe place for these items as you reorganise your shed to accommodate the supplies and gear for your fishpond.

backyard pond

Edible gardens

This was a big trend in 2018. Lots of people were excited about the idea of growing their own vegetables for a summer salad. One section of a garden may have tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peas, carrots and more. This adds colour and is a practical addition to any garden no matter the size.

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