Summer Design Ideas for Your Home

10 January 2019

Summerís are the best time to spruce up the appearance of your home. Although redecorating is a time-consuming task, it’s always an exciting thing to do especially if you’ve been wanting to freshen up things both inside and outside of the house. Along with proper budgeting, you’ll need a lot of creativity to turn a once dull and boring look into a bright, summery vibe. Here are some summer decorating ideas from Fort Knox Storage Carrara you can try out.

Create a mini indoor jungle

Getting greens inside your home is never a bad idea, especially in the summers when there’s always a need to look at something that’s pleasing to the eyes. But instead of potted plants, try climbing plants. You’re probably used to seeing them outside on pergolas, but twisty, winding plants can look super chic inside your home as well.

You can have a winding plant installed in your living room, maybe behind the couch. Getting plants to grow in a twisty fashion can be very hard, but you can start with an ivy tree to simulate a jungle-feel in your living space.

Interior Jungle


Set up an outdoor dining area

Bringing the garden into your home is a great summer design idea, so why not try and bring something commonly indoors, outdoors? You’ll have a lot of fun dining outdoors in the summer, that’s for sure.

Set up a unique seating arrangement in your garden or patio, or in areas where you can have breakfast, relax, or read a book. The summer is the perfect time to get some fresh air, and this small addition to your home will allow you just that.

outdoor dining area

Get sensual with scented candles

Over the years, candles have gone way beyond lighting. They are now used as decorative pieces ideal for building up romance along with a glass of wine. Candles can help save money on electricity, plus you get to enjoy their calming scents as well.

This summer, get scented candles in different colours. Light them up if the situation calls for it and see the mood change.

scented candles in living room


Unleash your creativity on custom pillow designs

You can never go wrong with decorative pillow cases. They’re fun to do and they give you the assurance that no one else has the same pillow cases. Also, you can design them according to how your interior looks so that it complements your overall design.

You don’t have to be an art genius to be able to come up with unique pillowcase art. Online, you can see a lot of pillowcase projects you can try out from the simplest of designs to the most elaborate ones.

flamingo cushions


Add life to your walls with cool wallpapers

You can always liven up your interior with a new paint job, but getting patterns in it requires a ton of skill that may dig up a hole in your pockets. After all, only a professional can do impressive prints up your walls. A workaround to this is getting a wallpaper instead.

Wallpapers are becoming popular again and there are a ton of natural prints you can choose from that will suit your interior.

Blue Wall Paper


Use plenty of fresh flowers

What better way to freshen up your home but decorating it with fresh flowers? A neat floral arrangement and a variety of colours will give your home a pleasant and inviting feel. If you have time, you can even create a vertical garden so that it won’t take too much space. Or go traditional and use vases or jars and place them in each room if the house.

flowers in kitchen


Use Self Storage Carrara to keep the clutter contained

Clutter can shrink a perfectly good space so much. If you have items that you no longer use, at least for the season, store them away at Self Storage Carrara unit to make your room or any space feel bigger. If you need to keep some things around close and don’t want it stored in a self-storage unit, utilize boxes, bins, trays, and baskets to store several items.

Be mindful of your interior design and get containers that match up the room. Bins and boxes are not just for storage; they can liven up a space prettily too.

Self Storage Carrara is a smart way to store things that you no longer use but don’t want to get rid of either. Take advantage of these services to tidy up your house for the summer.




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