Decluttering Your House: What Should You Keep And What Should You Ditch

12 February 2019

Decluttering your house and giving it a spring clean is a demanding job. It often takes longer than you think and sometimes creates more mess than it originally was. But it is also a very rewarding task and one that everyone has to do eventually to avoid a cluttered home.
Need help getting started? Look no further. Below Fort Knox Storage Coorparoo has compiled a list of the items you should keep and what you should say goodbye to.

Hereís what you should keep:


Even though you may have boxes and boxes of photographs from every stage of your lifetime, these are something that you simply cannot throw away, no matter how much room they take up. Go through every box and keep only the good photographs and those of important people in your life. You can always scan them to have a digital copy, but nothing beats a real, tangible photo album.

old family photograph
Family heirlooms

Family heirlooms are often discarded because the importance of them is not known to the new owner. If you have a family heirloom make sure you ask around to discover its history and the family backstory before you decide what to do with it. You never know what it could have meant to someone. If you don’t have room for them around your home, store them in Fort Knox Storage Coorparoo for safe keeping.

tea set heirlooms

Practical items

Sure the lawn mower only gets used once a month, but it is an important tool that helps to keep the household running. Practical items, no matter how frequently they are used, are something that you should keep, especially if they are in a good condition. If youíve only used your juicer or food processor once, try to fulfill the goal of using them twice a week before giving them away.

lawn mower
And hereís what you should ditch:

Anything broken

If it is broken and no longer serves its original purpose, ditch it immediately. Decluttering your home means you only keep the things that are necessary to your everyday routine or hold sentimental value. Broken containers, chipped plates or moth eaten clothes are neither.

broken vase
Things you don’t use

If you went through a phase and took up mountain bike riding but havenít touched your gear in four years, then you can probably get rid of it. The same goes for clothes that donít fit, electrical appliances that donít work and books that you wonít read. Donate them to a local charity organisation or sell them in a garage sale and earn some extra cash. If you don’t use it now, but the equipment was expensive, consider storing it in Fort Knox Storage Coorparoo.

old bike
Old School Books

If you still have a box full of your old school notebooks and toddler drawings, perhaps it is time to draw the line. Keep anything that is funny, informative or holds sentimental value, but otherwise find a new home for the rest. You donít need to keep every single grade three homework book.

Above are just a few ideas on which belongings should make the cut and which items need to go. Of course, here at Fort Knox Storage Coorparoo, we provide people with yet another option when it comes to de-cluttering the home. Browse through our website to find simple, safe and secure storage facilities that let you keep your treasured belongings and enjoy a clutter-free home at the same time.

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