Common Expensive Home Renovation Mistakes

13 January 2019

Remodelling your home is not by any means cheap. And when you think about it, nothing about houses comes cheap. Therefore, it is imperative that you get everything right to avoid making mistakes that could break your bank. Fort Knox Storage Coorparoo has put together some of the most expensive renovation mistakes you should avoid when renovating.

Taking on too much at once

A common theme among homeowners going into their first major renovation project is that they want to tackle everything at once. While they initially planned on remodelling a certain aspect, they notice another thing that they would like to fix and embark on upgrading that as well. Before they know it, the entire home is in disarray. And because they did not take time to properly think out how all those projects would merge, at times the outcome is a poor design that is neither aesthetically pleasing nor pocket-friendly.

They are left with the options of either living in such a home or embarking on yet another remodelling project to fix their errors. This results in a lot of wasted money.

Moreover, poor design has a detrimental effect on your property value meaning that you would make further losses if you were to sell your home. Therefore, it is important to have a well thought out strategy before you start your project. Enlist the help of designers, architects, and builders to know what would work best for your home in addition to how to approach the project and store your belongings in Self Storage Coorparoo to keep them safe and out of the way during your renovation.

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Cutting corners

There is no getting around it; renovations are expensive. Thus, in a bid to cut on costs, homeowners might be tempted to take shortcuts. This would be ill-advised. Cutting corners refers to many things, the most common one being buying cheap materials. Purchasing low-quality house fixtures will cost you far more than you save in the long term because they are not built to last. Moreover, cheap fixtures such as windows do not have insulation capabilities leading to higher energy bills. Good quality materials not only make for a classier home but also ensure the safety of your home’s occupants. In the same breath, do not enlist the services of unlicensed contractors even if they come cheap. Such contractors do not have licenses for a reason.

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Choosing the lowest estimate

Choosing the lowest estimate could be considered as a way of cutting corners. This is because you ignore all other factors you should consider when looking for a contractor and just settle on one who promises the lowest price for the services you need.

Whenever you decide that you need professional help, the first thing you should do is to shop around for contractors and then compare their rates. Admittedly, once you get the various quotes, it is easy to fall into the trap of going for the lowest one in a bid to save some cash. Nevertheless, there is always a reason to why one might be charging much less than their competition. While some contractors might be actually good at their job and are only charging less in order to get exposure, they are few in between. Most of those charging low prices will often give you what you pay for.

As such, when you are comparing estimates, look for common numbers. If there is a certain number that keeps appearing among the different quotations, it is likely to be the real cost. From there, embark on research to find out which one among those contractors has the best work. Look into their bodies of work or online reviews to garner more insight.

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Not getting the required permits

All major home repairs and home remodelling projects technically require a permit. Do not be under the assumption that you can get into the project and deal with the permits later. Chances are if a local authority notices your project and fail to see a proper permit, they might close down the entire operation.

Moreover, you could even complete the project only to be asked to tear it down due to a lack of the required documentation. In other instances, you might get away with the project without any hitches only for you to run into problems when you are looking to sell or secure refinancing for your home. The lack of those documents could see your work being called into question affecting your sale or appraisal. Thus, always ensure to secure the right permits before embarking on any home renovation project so as to avoid costly problems in the future.

Stressed by home renovations


This typically happens when a homeowner invests a lot of money into remodelling their house without paying consideration to whether their neighbourhood can support such an investment. This is because when looking to sell, homeowners look to recapture the costs they spent on remodelling their house.

However, this might be a problem if the price you are looking to sell your house far exceeds the average market price for homes in your neighbourhood. Thus, if you really need to sell, you will end up losing the fortune you spent on renovating.

To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you first think about how your renovation choices will affect your future resale potential. Therefore, ensure that you consult a real estate agent so you can make an informed decision.

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Not using Self Storage Coorparoo

Home renovations are messy affairs. This puts your belongings at risk of getting damaged. Moreover, you will be opening your home to different kinds of people. Renovating your home is much easier and stress-free when your belongings are not in the way. This is where Self Storage Coorparoo comes in. When you choose a storage facility, you will not have to worry about your things getting broken or covered in paint or dust, as it is common during renovations. Self Storage Coorparoo not only ensures that your precious belongings are secure and in pristine condition, but also allow your contractors more space to work freely. Ensure that you use Self Storage Coorparoo whenever you take on a remodelling project in the area.

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