Bedroom Design ideas For Siblings Who Share a Room

12 January 2019

When siblings have to share a room together, they might not always agree on everything in the beginning. With the right designs in place, you can create an environment that they will enjoy and that can sometimes seem larger than it really is by using various types of furniture and accessories. Here are a few tips from Storage Gladstone.

Bunking together

Bunk beds are an option to consider for small rooms. Move the larger pieces of furniture to a Self Storage Gladstone unit so that you can focus on positioning the bunk beds and getting the other details worked out before you begin introducing other items again. You can get a bunk bed set with a larger mattress on the bottom so that the older sibling has enough room to sleep at night or so that a younger sibling feels secure in a larger bed. If you find bunk beds with storage on the bottom, then your children can use the drawers or cabinet space for everything from books to clothes.

Minimalism is an option to consider as well. Find bunk beds with a slender design so that they only feature the frame and the mattresses. This will keep them from taking up a lot of added space in the room so that you can include a dresser and a few other necessities for your children. If your children are close in age and younger, then consider letting them share a bed.

bunk beds

Divide and conquer

A fun room divider can create separate spaces in one room that siblings have to share. Remove furniture that they don’t need at the moment, putting in a Self Storage Gladstone unit until you can make room in your home for these furnishings. A bookshelf with open sides is an option and allows for additional space so that your kids can display some of their treasures. However, a bookcase with enclosed sides or a divider that reaches from the ceiling to the floor would provide more privacy, especially if your children have a few years between them.

If each child wants a separate bed, then try to find a headboard that has storage. Your children can put an alarm clock, books, stuffed animals, and other items on the headboard instead of taking up needed space on top of a dresser. Position a night stand between the two beds to make children feel like they have their own space.

fun wall dividers for kids rooms

Using the walls

Utilise the walls of the bedroom when you position beds. Put one bed against a wall with the other along the adjacent wall so that it has an L-shape design. This will keep the rest of the room open, making it seem like it’s larger. Another option is a trundle bed. Your children can take turns sleeping on the trundle so that they don’t argue over someone sleeping on the bed every night. When the trundle portion isn’t being used, your kids can have more room for playing. Sometimes, moving extra furniture out of the bedroom to a Self Storage Gladstone unit so that there are only beds and the basics for children to enjoy will make the room feel bigger as well.

shared kids rooms

Years apart

When siblings who are several years apart have to share a room, it can sometimes get crowded quickly. It can also turn into a privacy issue as the older child often wants to have friends over or wants to talk on the phone without interruptions. If a baby and toddler are sharing a room, then place the crib next to the door so that it’s easier to get your baby when it’s feeding time so that you don’t disrupt your toddler. Since children who are separated by a few years will likely have different tastes in decorations, consider using a neutral colour so that each child can decorate their own space with posters or other items on a shelf.

older and younger kids sharing a room

Keeping possessions separate

Toys for the youngest child should be kept closer to the floor while the older child should have personal space on a higher level. This will help to keep items from getting broken while they are in the room or while the youngest child is in the room alone. You can create separate areas of the room by using desks and dressers. If the room is very small, then you might want to consider putting a dresser in another room of the house so that the beds can fit comfortably. A canopy on the beds can sometimes offer privacy for your children so that they can read, talk on the phone, or sleep while the other sibling is busy doing something else. Bunk beds that have curtains can provide the same kind of privacy.

Each child can pick a colour for their own bed and their own half of a large desk. This can help them feel like they are in separate rooms. Encourage your children to maintain their personalities and the things that they enjoy even when they have to share a room together. For extra space consider using Fort Knox Storage Gladstone.

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