How To Make Moving House With Kids Bearable

05 February 2019

How do you manage moving house with children underfoot? Not only do they add to the size of your removal, but their well-intentioned efforts to “help” can include unpacking boxes, stashing items in strange places and generally undoing the good work you’ve already achieved. If your removal includes housemates of the kiddie variety, then these pointers, from Fort Knox Storage Ipswich,  can help make moving house bearable.

Small children

Factor in a whole lot of extra time when it comes to moving with small children. Aside from the standard interruptions, the sight of their most precious teddies and toys disappearing into boxes will pique their interest, usually resulting in the sudden and urgent urge for them to play with and rediscover every single item you are trying to pack away. If possible, pack up the kids’ rooms when they are at day care or a relative’s home. Make sure you pack up all non-essential items first. Toys take up a lot of space, so ensure you have extra boxes on hand. At Fort Knox Storage Ipswich we have a great range of boxes and packing equipment in all shapes and sizes.

You should try and limit the number of items you have to move, so designate any unused or unwanted items to “bin it”, “donate it” or “pass on to friends” piles. Also, bear in mind that your move may be a big deal for a little person, so leave their beds and important items like a favourite soft toy in their room until the last minute. It may help to encourage them to see the whole removal as an amazing adventure. It might be worth allowing them to pack their own special backpack to have with them over the removal period that includes their most precious of toys and something to keep them entertained.

brother and sister walking
Primary school aged children

School-aged children can probably assist with packing under supervision. Designate them a task in their bedroom such as boxing up all their soft toys or clothes. Ensure you are in charge of labelling the boxes, and keep a watchful eye on what goes where—nobody wants to have to go through 48 boxes at the other end just to find Barbie’s left evening shoe.

happy kids playing

By and large, teenagers can become willing or unwilling accomplices in a removal. And they may be able to go through their possessions to pare down extraneous items. Be mindful of the items they are going to need straight away—including school bags, uniforms and homework—and ensure these items are in well-labelled boxes that you can access quickly and aren’t buried away in Storage Toowoomba.

Removal day

When the trucks roll down the driveway, it’s best to have younger children out of the way, so organise for them to spend the day with friends or family. Not only do young children slow you down, but they also may not be safe around refrigerators rolling in and out of houses amidst bedframes and giant boxes

Handled well, shifting house for a child can be a hugely exciting time. By allowing your kids to play a role in the packing at the right time, moving can be less of a hassle for everyone in the family. For more information of securing storage for your move, visit Fort Knox Storage Ipswich.

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