Moving Overseas: What To Do With Your Belongings

03 February 2019

Embarking on a new and exciting adventure overseas? Whether youíre moving for a job, a change of scenery, or to be closer to friends and loved ones, thereís a lot to get organised before you step on the plane. This fact really hits hard when you take a moment to look around your home, only to see all the possessions youíve accumulated over the years. Check out the following tips from Fort Knox Storage Labrador to understand what you can do with your belongings to start your journey on the right foot.

Self Storage Labrador

Storing your items Self Storage Labrador is a great idea if you are only moving overseas for a short period of time. Itís also the perfect solution for those straggling items waiting to be sold if youíre living out of home before you move. There is a range of storage unit sizes available to suit your needs, whether you need to store furniture, appliances or even registered vehicles.

Move with your belongings

Moving with your belongings only works if youíve been ruthless in deciding what you will need abroad. Once you come up with a definitive list, itís important you check to see if your new country has any regulations on what can be brought in, as well as any duty costs and customs restrictions.

Itís then time to look for proper packing equipment to keep your items safe and organised during the big move. Fort Knox Storage Labrador has a range of packing supplies and equipment, including boxes, picture cartons, corrugated cardboard, tissue paper, fragile tape and stickers and bubble wrap. As thereís a lot involved in organising a move overseas, itís best to pack your belongings gradually, so you arenít left with a mammoth task right before you leave.

moving overseas

Hold a sale

Sell the items that wonít be joining you on your grand adventure or staying in Fort Knox Storage Labrador. A traditional garage sale is a great way to say goodbye to your neighbours while making sure your furniture and appliances go to someone in need. If youíd rather sell online, list your belongings on eBay and Gumtree with in-depth descriptions and photographs. Not only will it feel good to see your items go to someone who will appreciate them, but you will also have some extra cash to help get you settled overseas.

garage sale
Rent out your fully furnished home

Find a house-sitter or rent out your belongings and your home if you plan on moving back. This is especially great if you can leave behind your property with a trusted friend or family member. This will take a lot of strain off your shoulders, as you wonít need to sell your home or your appliances and furniture. While you rent out your house, store your valuables in Self Storage Labrador to keep them safe.

Moving overseas is an exciting yet daunting experience. Plan in advance whether youíll store, move with or sell your belongings. If you want to keep your home as is, find a trusted tenant. Working out these details early on will give you a decent chance to say a proper farewell to friends and family before you jet off.

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