Storage For Valentines

09 February 2019

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. And we’re betting that you wouldn’t associate Self Storage with romance, would you? Think again… Here’s how a Fort Knox Storage Loganholme storage unit can amp up all those warm, fuzzy feelings of love!


Ah, young love… It’s all butterflies in stomachs and bluebirds of happiness and then you’re moving in together. And suddenly you have two of everything, specifically two toasters, and your new love thinks your powder-blue Smeg toaster is just the ugliest thing ever and can he use it’s plug to replace his kettle’s worn one…? Before the (wrong) sparks fly, consider moving all extras into a Fort Knox Storage Loganholme storage unit. It’s good practice for future negotiations: sit down, talk about what you’d like to keep and what not, and then move all unnecessary items into a safe space. Why not just sell them or give them away, you ask? Well, while we’d like to believe that yours is THE new love that will last until the end of time, you just never know. Maybe you decide to get out of the relationship, and won’t it be comforting to know exactly where your beloved toaster is? And hey, if you do go the distance, you can always sell everything later.


Nope, we are not recommending a “his & hers” kind of setup similar to a shared Facebook page (although if you want one of those kinds of Fort Knox Storage Loganholme storage units, you’re very welcome to rent one!) Rather, we’re thinking of separate spaces where long-time lovers can each have their own breathing spaces. You know, that Fun Cave filled with cigars, a pool table and carefully framed posters of Iron Maiden that just don’t fit anywhere at home? Or that Art Studio where you can paint in peace, away from your “better half’s” complaints of “I’m allergic to turpentine!”

You’d be surprised what can be done with a suitable Fort Knox Storage Loganholme storage unit. Talk to Fort Knox Storage Loganholme to check what’s allowed, and create a breathing space close to home.

A Loganholme storage unit is also the perfect place to hide any surprise gifts – especially if they are of the mobile variety! Surprise Harley, anyone?


If you’re single and have been mingling, you probably have all kinds of love letters, soft toys, old candy wrappers and assorted mementos of love and passion that you can’t let go of just yet. But perhaps you’d rather not keep all those cute teddy bears or signed photographs at home either, for in case “The One” comes over to visit? We recommend storing your mementos in a smaller Fort Knox Storage Loganholme storage unit until such time that you are ready to let them go. It could be a kind of shrine to love, even!

And when you do finally let your mementos go, take all your soft toys to a local charity – there are loads of people that would love to have them.

Bridge over troubled waters

Anyone who’s ever emigrated knows how stressful the process can be, and how much strain it can put on a relationship. Packing up your home and deciding what to leave or what to bring is an immense, and often very emotional, task. So if you’re still stewing because your loved one has hauled her piano ALL THAT WAY at great cost and that she’s now refusing to let it go despite there being no space for it in your tiny new apartment… Suggest a Fort Knox Storage Loganholme storage unit. It’s a safe space where emotions can cool their heels for a while, until you have a better idea of where you’d like to be, and what you’d like to keep.

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