5 Design Tips for a Clutter Free Home

13 February 2019

It’s the silent annoyance that creeps into your home, that little irritation when it comes to dusting and that small frustration when it comes to cleaning up: clutter. We all have it, most of us detest it and we could all live without it. But how do you get rid of it? When it comes to clutter, you can employ some expert ideas for hiding it, containing it and above all designing for it. These five design tips, from Fort Knox Storage Moffat Beach, can help you to create a clutter-free home.

Let it go

Before you begin to think about what will go where in terms of designing storage in your home to combat clutter, it’s time you let some items go. Whether it’s that ugly rug you inherited from your mother or that unused fondue fountain that you used only once (back in 1978), it’s important that you get rid of unwanted or unused items in your home. Even if you set yourself the achievable goal of dealing with one item per day, you can start to get rid of extraneous matter by sorting your possessions into “donate it”, “bin it” or “put in storage” piles.

If binning or donating is just too traumatic, at Fort Knox Storage Moffat Beach, we specialise in storage solutions that can solve your woes. We can safely store any excess items that are cluttering up your home off site—you wont have to throw them away. Any time you have the pressing need to entertain 1970s style, you can haul out that fondue fountain instead of having to buy a new one.

old couch on curb


Once you’ve eliminated the items you no longer need, it’s time to start allocating and sorting. Large, spacious cupboards complete with built-in shelving are the natural enemy of clutter. If you’re lucky enough to have the resources, you can retrofit your home with a multitude of cupboards to conceal everything from surfboards in the garage to your complete collection of superhero Lego men.

Cupboards are particularly important in rooms like the laundry and kitchen because these areas often act as overflow zones for all manner of household items and large appliances. If you rent, or don’t fancy permanently altering a room, then consider stand-alone cupboards to ease your clutter overflow.

portable kitchen island


From a single shelf in the kids’ room for their trophies, to entire walls of bookshelves, shelving provides allocated positions for your items keeping them up off the floor. Built-in bookshelves can take care of your complete Jane Austin collection while providing a home for your knickknacks.

wall ladder shelf
Storage furniture

A savvy way to eliminate clutter is by using storage furniture. Coffee tables that double as toy chests are a great idea. Why not buy storage ottomans and sideboards with wicker box compartments? Then you can allocate a place for all your items and have them easily accessible.

Storage Ottoman
Box it up with Storage Moffat Beach

If your house has a spare a room or area where you can store items in boxes, use it. Fort Knox Storage Moffat Beach sells a range of sturdy boxes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you have a roof cavity or dead space in your garage to spare, consider boxing up seldom-used items and stashing them away. If it’s a push to find un-used areas, then remember that you can always store your items off-site with Fort Knox Storage Moffat Beach as well.

By decluttering your home, you simplify your life, dedicating less time to cleaning and more space for enjoying your home. To secure your storage space with Moffat Beach Storage, click here. 

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