Interior Design Trends for The Nature Enthusiast

10 January 2019

People who love nature never miss a chance to spend time outside enjoying it. If this sounds like you, then you may want to recreate the amazing serene feeling that you experience outdoors in your home. It is possible to accomplish this with interior design trends. Here are a few options to try from Fort Knox Storage Moffat Beach.

Nature inspired wall art

Look for wall art that brings the look and feel of being outdoors inside your home. Shop for pieces that are hand carved by local artisans. Hang a wall carving that’s the size of a door or a collection of smaller wood pieces. Wood carvings often feature wildlife, river or forest scenes. These are an easy way to bring nature into your home. Mount a wall hanging that features a country saying, one that is a personal reminder of your relationship to nature. When it comes to wood, you can always place an intricate wood bear or deer carving formed using a chainsaw in a corner of your home. These also look nice placed next to a fireplace or set beside a bench in your entryway.

Nature Wall Art

Furniture from natural materials

Bring nature into your home by choosing furniture made from materials like wood or stone. With the right finish work, a large piece of wood can be turned into a bathtub. You can do something similar with the countertops. To enjoy designs made by Mother Nature, don’t sand away or cover imperfections. Keep cracks and knots. Modern rustic furniture is another way to go with this trend. These pieces embrace curves and blemishes, giving you furniture items that are original. The modern rustic style uses mid-century lines and natural materials. So, you might find pieces like a bench built from a log that has metal legs or lamps featuring a slim shade and a driftwood base.

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Wooden table with resin

Bring in plants

Design trends for the nature enthusiast include bringing in plants. A few of the best ways to do this include displaying potted plants and herbs on your kitchen counter. Macramé hangers are back, so hang a few plants in them around your place. This will give your home a bit of a retro appearance combined with a natural one. If you really want to bring nature inside your home in a big way, consider installing a vertical garden. Look for nooks and space pockets to place one. Wide hallways or an area underneath your stairs are perfect. For a centrepiece, collect cylindrical vases in different sizes as well as larges leaves that display different textures and colour variations. Add a little bit of water into the vase and set the leaves inside. This creates a natural display but gives it a modern twist.

Plants all over bedroom

Add style with plant-based motifs

Like florals, plant-based motifs have returned. They come in home décor like fern-enhanced bedding, throw pillows and even wallpaper. If you want to go with something nature-like, but don’t want it to be as loud as floral, consider plants. When you choose to decorate with green leaves or grass, you’ll be adding character and a touch of whimsy to your home without it being too bold.

Plant themed doona

Rough edges

Instead of smooth finishes, bring nature into your home with rough edges. Ranging from reclaimed wood to re-purposed wood pallets, enjoy the perfect imperfections of wood. Make a rough-hewn headboard or install a natural wood wall. Wood shelves give you a place to display important knickknacks while decorating with a natural material. You can also bring nature into your home with wood floors. Recycle by installing reclaimed wood floors or purchase a sustainable product like bamboo. To stay in line with a nature-based theme, soften the look by adding a natural jute rug or one woven from sea-grass. Rent self storage Moffat Beach to store your current rug and other furnishings.

rough wooden wall interior design

Use colour

Colour is a great way for the nature enthusiast to decorate. Select shades that you like from outside, shades like brown, green and blue. If you want to keep your home’s interior walls a neutral shade, then use colour as an accent. Choose a sofa in your favourite nature-based hue or dress one up with throw pillows or sofa blankets in that shade. If you need to re-paint your walls to add some colour, consider storing your furniture in Fort Knox Storage Moffat Beach to protect them while you paint.

Plant Interior Design

Rent self storage Moffat Beach

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