Selling Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Property Stand Out from the Rest

13 February 2019

Selling your property is one of those momentous occasions in life when all your hard work and investment is put to the ultimate test. So how do you ensure your property pays off and that selling is an easy rather than arduous endeavour? Here are five ways, from Fort Knox Storage Nambour, to make sure your property stands out from the crowd.

Street Appeal

The first time any prospective buyer meets your property it will inevitably be from the street. View your house as a buyer would, looking to your property’s street appeal.

While a fresh coat of paint and some extra attention to your trimmings is the perfect scenario, sometimes you have to go with what you’ve got. Even if your house is a little lack lustre in the colour stakes, make sure the garden and exterior is as appealing as it can be. It’s amazing what can be accomplished during just one weekend of weeding, lawn mowing and hedge trimming. Also take the time to clean the gutters of any leaves, twigs and other rubbish.

Ultimately your home should look loved. That way you will attract buyers who will be equally infatuated with the property.

street appeal

First Impressions

From the front door to your interior, a quick paint touch-up makes all the difference when it comes to how fresh a property feels. It only takes a couple of days to run around and touch up scuffed corners, doors and trimmings. While you paint, store your furnishings in Fort Knox Storage Nambour to protect them from damage. Itís worth the effort to increase your homeís appeal.

wall paint


One of the easiest and most effective tasks you can undertake prior to placing your home on the market is to de-clutter. Streamline your living spaces by removing excess furniture and clutter. This will allow prospective buyers to see space and light rather than your mini elephant collection or ABBA memorabilia.

It also allows buyers to imagine themselves within the space and provides a dust-free, clean impression. Put your extra items in Fort Knox Storage Nambour or box them up. At Fort Knox Storage Nambour we have a host of packing supplies to suit your needs, as well as storage options to tide you over until the move is complete.

minimalist interior design

Soft Furnishings

A quick, inexpensive and effective way to revamp your home is to update your soft furnishings. A new set of throw cushions for the couches or a simple rug can tie a room together and give it really fresh appeal for any buyer.

soft furnighings

Keep It Homely

Finally, remember this will likely be someone’s home. Make it as easy as possible for people to imagine themselves in the space. Invest in fresh flowers or whip up some aromatic muffins prior to inspection Ė these little things really make a home feel welcoming.

Preparing for prospective buyers is like inviting the most discerning of guests to descend upon your home. Go all out and present your home at its freshest and cleanest best. You should view your home through the eyes of a buyer, paying attention to its feel, its condition and its cleanliness. Then you can sit back knowing you have done all that is possible to ensure your investment translates into cash. For more information on Fort Knox Storage Nambour click here.†

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