4 Tips for Settling Into Your New House

13 February 2019

Why is moving house so stressful? Because it’s change and for most of us, change isn’t exactly a comfortable process to go through. Our homes provide familiarity and comfort and we often retreat to them at the end of each work day. When we move, we are uprooting ourselves and moving all of our many possessions at once, which creates a huge workload. Moreover, we then have to leave our beloved ‘home’ and create a new one in unfamiliar surroundings. To ease the stress and strain of moving, here are four tips, from Fort Knox Storage Narangba, for settling into your new home, faster.

Unpack as soon as possible

Nothing spells ‘move’ more than a bunch of half unpacked cardboard boxes and that dreaded feeling of “where do I start?” As traumatic as unpacking can be, the secret is to knock it over quickly. This means you’ll soon be reunited with familiar and reassuring items and you won’t be aimlessly wondering around looking for things. Call in some help and either pay for a removalist to pack and unpack your things or appeal to family and friends for some assistance.

One of the best ways to unpack as soon as possible, is by hiring some space from Fort Knox Storage Narangba. That way, you can limit how much you need to move and unpack to your essential and regularly used items. These facilities allow you to hire as much or as little space as you need and for as long or as little as you like.


Meet the neighbours

A key tip to help you feel comfortable and at ease in your new home is by creating a sense of belonging. By introducing yourself to your new neighbours, you’re starting to familiarise yourself with your street and the local community you live in. A simple chat can also lead to newfound friendships, feeling more secure and having someone handy you can turn to if you need to borrow a cup of sugar!

meeting neighbours
Take a walk or ride

Put on your walking shoes and take to the streets. Start exploring your new neighbourhood on foot, bike or by car. The sooner you learn the layout of the area surrounding your home, it will become more familiar to you and you’ll feel more at ease being there. It’s also a great way to map out where all the shops, restaurants, parks and entertainment venues are in your new area.

walking around the neighbourhood
Talk to the locals

One of the best ways to continue broadening that sense of community and belonging is by talking to locals. Obviously your neighbours are the best place to start, but you can extend this by speaking with local shop-keepers, café owners or even parents in local parks. Local knowledge is by far the best way to get loads of reliable and useful information. Whether it be where to get the best coffee or little traffic short cuts to take during peak-hour, these little gems of information are all part of feeling like you’re part of a local community.

If you’ve just recently moved house or have a move coming up, you’re probably not looking forward to it greatly. Moving is hard work and for some of us, downright stressful and unpleasant. To settle into your new home faster, you need to surround yourself with familiar items quickly, say “hello” to your neighbours and get out and about to explore and familiarise yourself with your new neighbourhood. For more information on Fort Knox Storage Narangba, click here.

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