How To Declutter And Organise Your Kitchen

12 February 2019

Believe it or not, but the kitchen can be the most cluttered room of the house. Clutter is often hidden in drawers and cupboards or disguised as frequently used appliances and items that require pride of place in the room. When it all gets too much and you admit you may actually be a kitchen hoarder, you need to declutter and reorganise the one space that is crucial to your home. Don’t know where to start? Here’s 3 tips from Fort Knox Storage Underwood to declutter and organise your kitchen so it works for you and your family when the hunger pains start to set in.

Drawers and cupboards

The best way to declutter is to go through every draw and cupboard and decide what you need and use every day (or week) and what you don’t. It’s that simple. All of the items, machines, appliances and kitchenware that you frequently use can be placed back into the drawers in an organised and tidy manner. Everything else, such as the china tea set your grandmother gave you and the 10 vases you received as wedding gifts, can be stored elsewhere. If you’re working on a completely decluttered space that can be used more productively, you could look at storing things in Fort Knox Storage Underwood – you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and can be accessed as regularly as required. This is especially handy for additional fridges, party ware and extra appliances that are old but still in a decent condition.

kitchen drawer
Fridge and pantry

Next, move onto the fridge and pantry. You’ll be sure to find a whole pile of food, especially dry goods and spices, that are out of date or are no longer in a good condition to cook with. Check the used by dates on everything and also smell them to ensure they have not gone stale, dry or soggy. Discard anything that you know you won’t eat or haven’t used in more than 6 months.

organised Fridge
Bench tops

Lastly, look around the kitchen and evaluate whether the items on your bench really need to be there. Ask yourself whether they could be stored in a cupboard underneath the bench or in the pantry to free up bench space when you are cooking and preparing meals. Things like toasters, kettles, large salad bowls, chopping boards and oils often sit on kitchen bench tops but could be easily housed in the cupboards for easy access. Also, decorative homewares make nice display items; however, they are not practical in a kitchen space where organisation needs to be a priority. Try to reposition your décor displays in other areas of the living and dining room where they can still be seen but do not take up too much space in the kitchen.

clean kitchen bench top
It may take you an entire day, but decluttering and organising your kitchen will help you to be more productive when cooking and preparing meals. It’ll also make you feel like there is more room so you won’t feel claustrophobic and flustered when you are in a rush. If you have large items to store such a fridges and freezers, store them in Fort Knox Storage Underwood.

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