Caring for and Storing Your Art: Self Storage Burleigh Heads

28 April 2018

From time to time most artists, private collectors and art investors will need to store their precious artworks. Correct packing, security and moisture control are extremely important in keeping your art safe and damage-free. Here are some tips to help you care for and store your art safely, including using Self Storage Burleigh Heads.

Using Self Storage Burleigh Heads

Self-storage facilities are available for hire; you can lease whatever amount of space you require. Many facilities have space estimation tools online to help you calculate how much space you will need. You don't want to be paying for space you are not using! The advantage of choosing self-storage for your artwork is that most storage facilities offer high levels of security with alarm systems, video surveillance, security fencing, lighting and electronic gates. Storage experts like us here at Fort Knox Self Storage Burleigh Heads have been offering professional storage solutions for decades and can offer you advice on storing your art.

Storing and caring For Your Art: Self Storage Burleigh heads | Fort Knox Storage


If you need to place your artwork into Self Storage Burleigh Heads, you must ensure that is packed correctly. Don't scrimp on packaging as quality packaging will go a long way to preserving your art in excellent condition during storage. You will need packaging that provides both shock protection and insulation to protect your art from changing temperatures and moisture.

Storing and Protecting Your Artwork: Self Storage Burleigh Heads | Fort Knox Storage


Common Sense Approach

The best approach to caring for and storing art is good old-fashioned common sense. You need to keep artwork in a safe space away from cleaning chemicals and solvents that might cause damage. You should ensure that storage areas are always kept clean, dust and mould free. Don't store artworks in direct sunlight, store away from windows. Sculptures or other three-dimensional art should be stored on padded metal shelving with the heaviest works stored on the lowest shelves. Make sure you thoroughly clean your artwork before placing it in Self Storage Burleigh Heads.

Storing and Caring For You Artwork: Self Storage Burleigh Heads | Fort Knox Storage

source: Artstormer

Handle with Care

Wear white cotton gloves when handling art to prevent compromising the artwork with dirt, soil or fingerprints; this is especially important when handling paper artworks. This may take a little more time and fuss but it is well worth the effort and discipline. Be careful when moving paintings. Carry them by the frame and not by the hanging wire. Carry one at a time and use both hands. This will take a little longer but will be much safer. Paintings should be carried vertically. It is best not to stack paintings but if you have to do this, make sure you place cardboard barriers between the artworks and always stack them front to front and back to back. Don't stack unframed paintings.

Caring for and Storing Your Art: Self Storage Burleigh Heads

source: Brisbane Artist

Storage Equipment

Storage bins are a good option for storing paintings. They should be padded and you should place barriers between each painting; barriers need to be made from acid-free materials, corrugated cardboard works well. Pallets can also be used to store paintings off the ground. These can be covered in second-hand carpeting. Always check pallets for the presence of insects or mould before using them.

With care, attention and a bit of common sense you can care for and store your art safely. Implement the ideas in this article to safeguard your precious art pieces. Contact the storage experts at Fort Knox Self Storage Burleigh Heads to book your storage today.

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