3 Easy Ways To Liven Up Your TV Room: Self Storage Carrara

09 March 2019

Does your TV room seem old and drab? Are you uninspired to sit in there to relax and be entertained while your favourite television show is on? Maybe your TV room needs a little sprucing so that it feels warm, welcoming and relaxing. The team here at Self Storage Carrara are here to help! Below you will find three easy ways to liven up your TV room.

Reduce Clutter

More often than not, rooms feel dowdy because they are full of clutter and unnecessary objects. If you find your TV room has become home to too many random objects, give it a good clean and declutter. Put the ironing board in the laundry, the workbooks in the study and the clean laundry away in the wardrobes.

If you really have nowhere to put the excess furniture and bits and bobs in your TV room (and the rest of your house!), consider placing those belongings in a Self Storage Carrara storage unit that you can access as much as you like. Once the TV room is clutter-free, you will immediately find there is more room to decorate, maximise and enjoy the space.


3 Easy Ways To Liven Up Your TV Room: Self Storage Carrara | Fort Knox Storage

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Move your furniture

The easiest way to liven up your TV room is to re-arrange the furniture inside to give it a refreshing feel and a new perspective! Move the couches on an angle or face the TV in a new direction, or place them into Self Storage Carrara, whatever you can do in the space to make it seem completely different. Perhaps you will discover you have too many bookshelves in there, or room for something new like an ottoman. You never know, you may find you instantly like it better once you have experimented with the furniture and the layout.


Add something new

If all else fails, and you still feel like your TV room needs some sprucing, add something new to the mix. Visit a furniture store and invest in a new lounge if you really want to change things up. If you’re after the finer details, a homewares shop is where you want to be. Pick up some new cushions, a nice vase, assortment of candles or a cozy throw rug.

Who doesn’t love a couple of coffee table books too! You could also purchase a new piece of artwork and create a feature wall, or have some of your favourite family photographs printed on canvas and hung on the walls for a more personal touch. If you are unsure, add some colour to the room in small doses, such as ornaments on the TV cabinet or a beautiful bunch of flowers. Also, take advantage of the natural light that the room receives so that it has a warm glow during the day rather than florescent lighting.


3 Easy Ways To Liven Up Your TV Room: Self Storage Carrara | Fort Knox Australia

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Make sure that when you add things to the TV room that they follow a consistent theme and aesthetic. Use an eye-pleasing colour palette and avoid objects that compete or clash with others. Remember less is always more. If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to liven up your TV room in no time and with little effort. Contact the experts at Self Storage Carrara to book your storage today.

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