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Car Lovers In Gladstone Maintain Their Timeless Classics

05 Feb 2020

When a car is left abandoned in your backyard, nature works quickly to reclaim it. Rust sets into the steel, grass chips at the paint job, and the sun fades all colour from the body. The entire car will even sink into the dirt day by day, slowly burying itself. If you have a car that has become a passion project of yours, it deserves to be stored in a suitable location; Fort Knox Storage Gladstone is happy to provide such a place.

Fort Knox Storage Gladstone has helped save many cars from the natural elements. Vehicles stored with us are protected from the ravaging sun and the relentless rain. Our customers are always satisfied with their decision to move their vehicles into one of our storage units.

If you want to maintain the ageless look of your timeless classic, Fort Knox Storage Gladstone can provide a self storage unit suited to fit many different vehicles. Our units feature drive-in access to store your cars, and can also be used to store your spare parts and equipment. We understand how valuable customer's items can be, and so we only employ the highest level of security. Between the trained guards, the sturdy locks, and the well-kept alarms, your belongings are safe with Fort Knox Storage Gladstone.

When you store your vehicle in our convenient units, you are taking action to protect your investment. With access hours from 5:00am to 9:00pm, you can access your vehicle whenever you might need it. This availability ensures you can always get to the next car show, or even show the car off to any potential buyers. All this while ensuring your vehicle remains safe.

If you're looking for self storage Gladstone, look no further than Fort Knox Storage Gladstone. Our friendly team is happy to help you if your needs ever change, and we can provide a variety of units to store your vehicle. If you'd like to take the necessary steps to protect your car, call us today at (07) 4979 3422!

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