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May 11 2021

How to Prepare Your Fridge for Storage

When moving a refrigerator, it is important to do it properly. Hasty, rough handling can cause damage to your fridge one of the most frequently used, essential and expensive appliances in your home.

If you take care of your fridge, thoroughly prepare for it be moved and look after it when doing. It's possible to protect this appliance and avoid the expense of repairs and even fridge replacement.

So how do you prepare your fridge for a move into storage?

Choose a quality storage facility

It's very important to store your fridge and other belongings at a storage facility that is clean, safe and able to protect your goods effectively. At Fort Knox, we have many conveniently located, accessible storage facilities across the country. When you store with Fort Knox, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the high quality storage conditions offered are optimal for preserving and protecting your possessions.

Move a Clean Fridge

Before your fridge is collected and taken into storage, you should clean it thoroughly and make sure it is completely dry. There is no sense taking a filthy, damp or musty fridge to storage and leaving it in that condition.

It's a good idea to place baking soda in drawers and freezer compartments. Baking soda is an effective agent for eliminating odours and keeping your fridge clean and hygienic.

Tape Shelves and Loose Features

To move your fridge safely, it's important to secure the parts of the unit that can move about. Loose shelves should be taped so that they cannot move and slide around, and movable glass shelves should be thoroughly taped.

Many refrigerators feature levelled shelves, or shelves that can be arranged at different levels within the fridge itself. Take care to secure all of these shelves individually, ensuring that they are also taped across the front to prohibit their movement as the fridge is transferred from your home and into your storage facility.

In Storage

If your fridge will be kept in storage for one month or longer, its advisable to block the doors open with a piece of wood that is approximately one inch thick. Use tape over the top of the wood to keep it in place and your fridge effectively ventilated.

If your fridge will be kept in storage for less than a month, it is fine to leave the doors shut.

To Lift and Move Your Fridge

It's best practice to use a fridge trolley to safely move your fridge. You should always come from the side of the fridge and not the front or back, securing it to a fridge moving trolley. If you try to have the trolley facing the front or back, you are much more likely to damage components of the fridge.

Do not move the fridge until it is very tightly and safely secured to the trolley. When tipping the trolley back, do so carefully as not to cause injury to yourself or damage to the appliance.

When Relocated

Wait for at least a few hours (preferably overnight) before plugging in your fridge at its new destination. When the unit is moved, coolant travels to places it should not be within the fridge and parts can be damaged if you attempt to use the fridge before this liquid has resettled appropriately.

Do you have any advice for moving a fridge or preparing it for storage? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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