Easy Ways to Clean Up and De-clutter Your Living Room

07 February 2019

Clutter- it’s the enemy of the streamlined home, a breeder of dust, a haven for cobwebs and a nightmare to clean around. You don’t see it in home decorating magazines but we all have it, whether it’s too many treasured possessions or simply a lack of storage space. So how do you vanquish the beast that is clutter from your home? Here are some top tips from Fort Knox Storage Caloundra for easy ways to declutter your living room.

Be selective

We all have a few lovely items that are great to keep on show but that cowhide patterned lamp from Great Aunt Ruby may not be one of them. If you’re looking to clear up and de-clutter, start by selecting your must haves, your must sells and the items you want to store in Fort Knox Storage Caloundra, and go from there.

Beautiful living areas usually have a style or colour theme that ties the room together, so select items on that basis and work from there. You could keep a box of items handy so you can revamp the room to a slightly different style at any time.

Fort Knox Storage Caloundra

While you may have been collecting My Little Ponies since 1985, just because you have them doesn’t mean they have to take pride of place atop the mantelpiece (and they won’t love you any less if they don’t). Start looking at your storage options, and here at Fort Knox, we have a few tips on storage solutions you might consider.


Storage style furniture is a great way to keep items out of view but within reach. You can be cunning with furniture when you need to stash things. It might be a storage ottoman, a tea-chest coffee table or under-bed storage. This is great for houses with kids you can simply whip around the lounge and toss toys in the ottoman. If your collection is really precious and unique and those My Little Ponies just love the limelight too much, invest in a special display cabinet where they can bask in mood lighting beyond the reach of dust.

Box it up

If it’s treasured certificates or items that are not in vogue but have sentimental meaning, then box them up and store them away – in the garage, in the roof cavity, in Fort Knox Storage Caloundra, wherever suits.


Of course if your house does not have cavernous expanses in which to stash those items you don’t often use but can’t bear to part with, consider placing them in secure storage. Here at Fort Knox we’d love to look after your treasures and you can feel confident that you can come and visit or retrieve them at any time.

A place for everything

Finally, once you have de-cluttered, assign places for things. That way the toys always go back to the ottoman, the My Little Ponies retreat to the display cabinet everything should have its own place. That way cleaning is always a breeze.

De-cluttering your living spaces is one of the best presents you can give yourself. Your home will be much easier to clean and much more enjoyable. And once you get rid of the clutter, your home might even resemble the spaces in a home and living magazine! To secure your storage unit, visit Fort Knox Storage Caloundra.

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