5 Items You Should Never Throw Out When Spring Cleaning

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When spring has sprung and you’re bombarded by cleaning inspiration, it can be tempting to perform that yearly overhaul and discard your excess belongings without a second thought. But there are some special items that should never be destined for the rubbish dump, no matter how thoroughly you’re culling. Today Fort Knox Storage Mansfield is sharing their list of the 5 items you should never throw out, so you don’t have any post-cleaning regrets after your trip to the tip!


Your photos are memories that tell a story about a person, a place or a time in your life. Discarding these precious snaps erases a piece of these memories that you can never get back. In the future, they can also help you remember details that you may someday forget – even your most cringe-worthy photos are worth holding onto, if not just for a laugh amongst friends and family! Keep your photographs in top condition by displaying them in a quality photo album away from direct sunlight.

Old Photos in box

Degrees and Certificates

Don’t even think about throwing out that degree, diploma or certificate! Hang that piece of paper proudly in a frame or keep it in a folder, safe from wear and tear. At some point in your past it was one of the most important achievements in your life, so don’t let it get caught up in your spring cleaning declutter.

University Degree

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes don’t just hold sentimental value – buying new baby clothes can really add up, and your children will love sharing their favourite baby outfits with their own children one day. Christening gowns and first birthday outfits are particularly special, so be sure to hold on to them for your future grandchildren. If you don’t have enough room in your house to store old baby clothes, consider storing them in Fort Knox Storage Mansfield.

baby clothes

Wedding Invitations

Just because the big event is over doesn’t mean the invitation should be thrown away. While invitations to special events such as weddings and baby showers may have an expiration date for their prime position on the fridge, they make a great souvenir for your favourite moments with family and friends. What’s more, they also make great additions to any scrapbook or photo album!

Wedding Invitations

Greeting Cards

These days we underestimate the sentimentality of a greeting card, but you can’t deny how special it is to look back on the well-wishes your friends and relatives sent to you years ago. Enjoy revisiting the memories and kind words by keeping your favourite greeting cards in their own special box.

It can be easy to get carried away in the clean-slate feeling of spring cleaning, but there are some items that should never end up in the trash. Hold on to these 5 items and enjoy the memories they bring for years to come! However, keeping your favourite items shouldn’t mean having to compromise on a tidy home. With a Fort Knox Storage Manfield storage unit, you can keep your special belongings safe while maintaining a clean and clutter-free home. Get in touch with Self Storage Mansfield to discuss your storage options today.

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