Creative Storage Solutions For Your Childís Bedroom

13 February 2019

No matter how organised and tidy your home is, the kidsí rooms never seem to follow suit. To keep their rooms spotless and clutter-free, you need to use creative storage solutions that work for you and the little ones; the more creative and fun, the better. Fort Knox Storage North Mackay has compiled a list of our favourite kid-friendly storage solutions that you can work into your home.

Undercover Storage

Every parent loves a storage solution that doesnít look like boring, un-stylish storage. A great way to keep your childrenís toys tidy is to have a big chest or trunk in the bedroom where they can put all of their toys when they are not playing with them. Once youíve got your toy chest, create its disguise by putting some colourful cushions on the top to turn it into a cute bench seat and a feature of the room that doubles as a functional, easy-to-use storage piece.

kids storage benches

Flat pack storage

Flat pack storage and shelving is perhaps the easiest, most convenient storage solution a home can have. To make it fun and creative, opt for shelving that stands up against the wall and has lots of cube-like compartments that can be filled with things like books, DVDs, electronic games, toys, teddy bears, hats, accessories, keepsake ornaments and even lego works of art! Itís a fun way for kids to get creative with tidying up and to display their things rather than concealing them all in drawers.

kids flat pack storage
Bunk bed with storage

More often than not, the space underneath your kidís bed is wasted storage space that could be used more effectively to keep the room clean and tidy. If your kids like the idea of climbing up into bed each night, get them a raised bunk bed without the lower bed and use the space underneath to create the perfect storage space or contained play zone. Youíll love it as much as they will!

bunk bed with storage underneath
Craft table

If there is room, put a designated craft table in the kidsí room so that art supplies and projects donít end up all over the house. Have a designated craft table in their room with pencil containers and pots on top and room underneath to stack plastic tubs of equipment. It will encourage them to be creative in their own space, and confine the mess to one area of the room.

kids craft table
Fort Knox Storage North Mackay

Finally, anything that you donít use frequently or on a daily basis can be stored in Fort Knox Storage North Mackay to free up room in the home and keep your precious items safe. Things like sports trophies, old school books, baby furniture and old clothes can be stored in the secure Fort Knox Storage North Mackay facility, without them being a burden in your childrenís bedrooms.
If everything in your childrenís bedrooms has a home and they know where it goes, itís more likely the room will stay clean and tidy. If the storage solutions are fun, easy to use and foster creativity, thereís a good chance the kidsí rooms will no longer be the messiest in the house. For more information on Fort Knox Storage North Mackay, view here.†

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